How to Rejuvenate Your Body Through Full Body Detox

Tired and weary? Find out how a Full Body Detox can rejuvenate and bring back the glowing and spirited you that you may have been missing for a while now.
How to Rejuvenate Your Body Through Full Body Detox

Our homes are meant to be places of refuge, our sanctuary. Yet, the moment we get out of our bedrooms and into the rest of our living spaces, indoor pollutants threaten our physical wellbeing. Though you don't see it, you're breathing in the "invisible" smoke coming from your lit gas stove (see that blue flame right there?). Then there is your space heater, gas clothes dryer, even your cozy fireplace—all these things release toxins that pollute the air. 

You head outdoors to get "fresh air"— only to be met by the fumes from your car engine and lawnmower. And you haven't even stepped out into the "real world" yet, with its abundance of poisons from different sorts of vehicles, busy construction sites, frenzied factories, and all other human activities being done in the name of progress and convenience. Isn't it about time that you rejuvenate and unload all those toxins through a full body detox?

Why You Need a Full Body Detox 

Your body is wonderfully wired to defend itself against both indoor and outdoor pollutants. However, like a soldier whose hands are tied and can't get hold of their weapons, your body can't wield its self-healing capabilities when they're blocked and interfered with. And that's what toxins do. Over time, all these chemicals pile up and get stored in your body's system. These cause your cells to get all wound up, weakening their ability to repair. The toxins can also build up in your gut, cause inflammation, and further weaken your immune system.

Detoxification can eliminate the toxic culprits that can mangle your body's defenses. By reducing and flushing out the toxins, detoxification methods provide cleansing benefits that can help unshackle your immune system and unleash its inherent self-renewing and rejuvenating powers. 

But why does it need to be an all-out, full body detox? With the intensity of damage that toxins can wreak on your body and overall well being, you need an equally vigorous and full-on solution. At the same time, if you have to do anything at all, you want to do it as effortlessly as possible. After all, you already have so much on your plate. A powerful yet painless full body detox can be just the answer to your toxic woes. Discover how you can revive with full body detox.

Ways to Rejuvenate through a Full Body Detox 

Purify with infrared light

Getting rid of toxins isn't easy, especially when they're lodged deep in your organs, bones, and tissues and simply refuse to budge. One detox method that is powerful enough to do the heavy-duty job is infrared light therapy. Being treated with infrared light is like harnessing all the therapeutic powers of the sun without the damage from ultraviolet rays. The long-reaching wavelengths of infrared light can penetrate through your skin's layers to reach deep down to your tissues, triggering regeneration and repair. After an infrared light therapy session, your revived and healthier cells will be back in peak fighting form to root and flush out the unwanted chemicals in your body.

Dine without the wine

You'll probably skip this section, thinking you're not exactly the drinking type. Yet, when you consider those nightcaps, toasts, and one-for-the-road drinks, they can all add up to large amounts of alcohol in your system. This makes your liver go into overdrive to break down the toxins from all those alcoholic drinks, so the poisonous substances can be evicted from your body. But if the liver is abused, the toxins can overwhelm it and make it dense with the build-up of fibrous tissues, resulting in poor blood flow. This deprives your liver cells of getting the nutrients they need to survive. So the next time someone asks you out for a drink, bring your mental wine-o-meter, or even better, ask for a non-alcoholic version of your usual cocktail. Your liver will love you for it.

Stick to your bedtime routine 

Did you know that sleep can actually detoxify? It's been discovered that, during sleep, your body can repair and regenerate itself in the first place because of its glymphatic system, which clears the waste resulting from brain activity. This system helps wipe out these toxic materials that can lead to all sorts of brain and nerve diseases. So boost your body's natural detoxifying abilities by getting enough quality Zzzs.

Choose your edibles

You are what you eat. And there's no exaggeration there. The food you put into your body today can help determine if you will live a long and meaningful life. Whether you choose to be in the funk by chomping on the junk or eat healthy to be hearty, it will impact your overall health and wellbeing. 

Take, for instance, sugar and bad carbs. Sugar is everywhere—in our dishes, drinks, and of course, in our desserts. Bad carbs are also present, from our basic bread and pasta staples to our snacking essentials of chips and crackers and the occasional beer and baked potato. 

When you give in to your cravings for sugary sweets and bread, they're broken into smaller sugar molecules that affect how the body controls hunger. These sugar molecules keep stored fat from being used. The brain then thinks that it needs additional energy sources and tells you that you're hungry, and then you eat more. 

So what do you do then? Replace your sugars and bad carbs with lean meats, green leafy vegetables that are chock full of antioxidants, and good fats such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. 

Water up!

Water doesn't just help you get rid of the gunk on your body, but it also helps flush out the toxins from within. By keeping well hydrated, you boost the cleansing powers of your body's super detoxifier —your liver. The liver breaks down everything you eat, including the toxins in your food, even those in your food packaging that you don't realize you consume. The waste materials end up in the backroom, which is basically your intestines, and you know what happens next…

Proper hydration helps the blood easily go through your liver, clearing out all the toxins and wastes that may build up over time. So drink up and help your liver help you detoxify more effectively.

Detox with a full body massage

Massage therapy is not just a great stress reliever. It is also a great way of boosting circulation. When your blood flows freely within your body, it can better deliver the nutrition needed by your cells and tissues to properly function, further enhancing your body's ability to repair itself. 

For detoxification, a lymphatic drainage massage is a notch up your typical massage. 

Your lymphatic system is what helps your body get rid of waste and toxic substances and keeps your immune mechanisms working. Through the natural movements of your muscle tissues, fluid is drained and goes into the bloodstream, from where it is eventually eliminated. Over time, some of these fluids can build up in the lymph system. Lymphatic drainage massage helps clear out these unwanted fluids through the gentle kneading of the lymphatic smooth muscles. Have your lymphatic drainage massage done by a certified massage therapist to ensure the best detox experience and results.

Glow up in an infrared sauna

With many stressors on the attack from every corner, it's not a surprise that your body's fight-and-flight mode is constantly on. The adrenaline released can damage blood vessels, cause your heart to race, and increase your blood pressure, increasing your risk of heart diseases. Cortisol also shoots up in the system, making your oil glands go on overdrive, which causes acne breakouts and other skin conditions.

Detox and pamper your skin as well as your body by indulging in an infrared sauna, like HigherDOSE's Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, which makes use of the entire spectrum of infrared light to increase your immune system, enhance circulation, and penetrate to the core. It is the pinnacle of detoxification, encompassing your whole body from your skin's layers down to your body's cellular functions. 

Simply wanting to relax and detox at home? Take your sauna wherever you please with Higher DOSE's Infrared Sauna Blanket, and cleanse and rejuvenate even without visiting a spa.

Make Detox Easy with HigherDOSE

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