Get slim and sexy with lymphatic drainage

Get slim and sexy with lymphatic drainage

Heighten your HigherDOSE experience with our new lymphatic drainage treatment. If you follow any supermodels or wellness gurus, then you’ve likely heard of lymphatic massage—but if this is new to you, here’s the 101.

 Referred to as MLD for short, massaging and draining your lymphatic system gets the body’s fluid in balance, blood circulation moving and immune mechanisms working. The system contains a network of vessels named “lymph” nodes—a lymph is a mixture of water, proteins, immune system components, waste products and other remnants of cell metabolism. The nodes eliminate toxins, filtering out debris, and ensure a smooth-running natural detoxification process. Massaging and draining the lymphatic system, physically manipulating the lymph nodes, speeds up this process for efficiency and accuracy. When fluid builds up, say hello to discomfort, puffiness, and a dull complexion.

Why finish your infrared experience with a Lymphatic treatment? Because it brings detoxification to a whole new level. Think: by stimulating your lymphatic system first to detox through sweat and our magnesium wrap, your body is better able to remove toxins at a cellular level, while softening your fascia, muscles, and lymph for more effective hands-on work. This means you’ll burn more calories and see more intense results—for instance, firmer skin, an increased reduction in cellulite and a brighter, more even complexion. When your blood circulation is boosted in a healthier, more functioning system, the powers of infrared can excel even further. 

As far as your mood goes, lymph drainage has a great effect on regulating hormone imbalances. Because lymphatic drainage circulates immune cells through your body, it flushes toxins that could be slowing or harming your nervous system—by keeping your hormones from being blocked (by flushing them properly through the lymphatic system), your hormone levels are able to operate and flow healthily and smoothly. Therefore, your mood becomes more naturally attuned with less anxiety, depression and so on.  

Treating every area with care, lymphatic treatment provide a range of instant and long-term benefits.

- Reduction of swelling and bloating

- Skim firmness and smoothness and reduction in the appearance of cellulite

- Improvements in the digestion system

- High energy

- Lightness of body functioning

- Easier achieved weight loss goals and fitness results

- Radiant skin

- Slimmer look and even complexion

- More balanced hormones 

-Boost immune system

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