Experience our Infrared Saunas that feature a full body, full spectrum experience. Potential benefits of our saunas included their ability to heat your body, detoxify you, boost your immune system, calm your nervous system, pain relief, collagen boosting, anti-aging, skin purification, cell health, and improved circulation


Chromotherapy, or color therapy, is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Light therapy is also a growing treatment for anti-aging and anti-acne. Included in our Infrared Saunas, light therapy is a great way to revitalize, energize and stimulate production of collagen for our skin cells.


Lay down and chill for 10 minutes while cryogenically cooled air is blown onto your face. This relaxing process stimulates skin cell grow, reduces inflammation/wrinkles/pore size, and gives your face an instant glow. It's one of our favorite beauty biohacks (and it's quick too)!.