Sweat Away Your Sins (and other Holiday Hangover Tips)

Sweat Away Your Sins (and other Holiday Hangover Tips)

The holiday season is like the last hoorah. We get a few days to live our best OOO life, and then it's January — hello resolutions, reality and face-biting chills. So yeah, we plan on enjoying every moment of this festive season, which means there's zero time for things that bum us out. Enter: hangovers. How do we say "hell yes!" to "another round?" without risking a day lost to pulled curtains, cheeseburger cravings and sitcom reruns? Well, first of all, it's important to understand that having a good time is not antithesis of wellness. It's totally possible to take on the party season and still feel awesome — you've just got to better your buzz.

WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING? Mezcal, or blanco tequila as a backup. Stick to mezcal as a drink of choice. As far as spirits go, it's the healthiest, cleanest, most au-naturale option. Unlike industrially produced alcohols, most mezcal is crafted by hand, the traditional way, made with superior, 100% agave (a.k.a. made from a plant). For tequila, go for Blanco, which is the purest type of 100% agave tequila. While alcohol is a depressant, mezcal is more of a stimulate.

DON'T RUIN A GOOD THING. Indulge in the quality of a mezcal cocktail with fresh mixers, like grapefruit or cucumber and mint (delicious). Sugary, over-processed mixers will not only ruin the experience, they'll leave you with a hangover.

THE STARTER DOSE. Introducing your new pre-gaming routine. Before you hit up the party, hit up HigherDOSE and #GetHighNaturally. You'll get that elated, emotionally-released feeling without a sip of alcohol (and it will last all night, too). We call our sauna sessions a DOSE because, thanks to the power of infrared rays, soaking in our saunas triggers a release of happiness chemicalsdopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Put yourself in the perfect party mode by getting a DOSE in, before a big night out.

SWEAT IT OUT. If you had a full glass of something like, let's say red wine...you'd empty that glass before pouring more into it because otherwise, it would overflow, create a big ol' mess that takes time to clean up and ruins towels. Detoxing is like that. It gives your body a reboot, keeping the bad stuff from getting the best of you. Get DOSEd to detox and sweat out carcinogenic heavy metals as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, and cholesterol.

SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS. Take your time, allow yourself to savor one-two drinks and indulge in a slow-burning, yet pleasant buzz.

WATERED DOWN. Drink heaps of water. Drink water before you go out, always drink water while you're drinking alcohol and even a bit more before you go to bed. H20 is your safe zone.

KNOW THE NIGHT. Set your intention for the night, and be mindful of what you want out of it. In other words, no excuses. Don't fall for any living-in-the-moment justifications, because honestly, can we really call it "living in the moment" if we're still feeling the aftermath 24-hours later?


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