Introducing our New HigherDOSE Skin Loving Kit

Introducing our New HigherDOSE Skin Loving Kit

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, your self-care routine should cover detoxing, cleansing and replenishing — yup, being your most radiant self is an inside-out effort. So, to give your clean-body regime an extra boost, we've created a kit focused on your body's largest organ: the skin. Our new HigherDOSE Skin Love Kit, inspired by traditional Ayurvedic healing techniques (which originated in India over 5,000 years ago), features a Skin-Bursting Mit, REN Rose Body Oil and HigherDOSE Rose Water Spray.

Did you know that one-third of your body's toxins are excreted through the skin? A dry massage with our Skin-Bursting Mit promotes lymphatic cleansing, which not only stimulates and refreshes the skin, it increases blood circulation to encourage the release of lurking toxins and support the removal of cellular waste. How do you do it? Begin at the ankles and brush upward with light, but firm strokes. Brush toward the heart, because, that is the way the lymph flows naturally. After you finish your legs, brush your stomach, arms, and shoulders. Harsh exfoliation is never the point; don't press too hard!

After brushing, when your pores are unclogged and breathing clean, spritz our Rose Water Spray allover your body. Rose water is excellent for the skin! With its natural benefits, it contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which makes it an ideal antiseptic and astringent. Plus, it offers anti-inflammatory properties that help heal redness and inflammation. Then, the REN Rose Body Oil provides a calming, therapeutic finish. This ultra-moisturizing oil replenishes dry skin to lock in moisture and restore glowing softness, firmness and radiance.

With this three-step process, which takes about 10-minutes a day, you'll feel refreshed and your skin will look stupendously hydrated, smoothed and calm. Basically, it's the perfect way to start your day — it boosts circulation, sweeps away dead skin cells, stimulates the lymph nodes, improves digestion, improves the appearance of cellulite and helps the cells and body remove waste. Our Skin Love Kit offers a quick, effective experience that's paradoxically energizing and soothing — keeping with the ancient Ayurvedic philosophy of mind-body balance. By rousing the lymphatic system, our Skin-Bursting Mit rejuvenates our nervous system by stimulating nerve endings. This invigorates the skin and buzzes our body's connections, awakening our alignments to offset fatigue, sluggishness and dullness.

Brush Up On Your Detox. Dry brushing helps the body's natural detoxification process. Incorporating our Ayurvedic-inspired Skin-Bursting Mit into your daily routine (even better when teamed with a few infrared sauna sessions per week) is essential to keeping your skin at its purest. It's basically impossible to avoid all environmental pollutants, including chemicals outdoors and the ones in our homes and even the toxins found in our clothes...and, unfortunately, our skin suffers greatly from these harmful exposures. But our kit will help boost your clean-body efforts to get healthy, silky-smooth skin on a regular basis. By clarifying your skin from within, you'll improve your skin's elasticity, keep your collagen growing and maintain a natural, dewy glow with year-round brightness.

Your Skin's a Natural. As brushing helps rid the body of trapped toxins, it also stimulates oil glands that are in the second layer of skin, which easily get blocked-up when there's too much excess waste in the body. Bringing these natural oils to the skin's surface is important because they help protect your skin and keep it healthy.  

Bad, Bye. From moisturizers to cleansers to lip balms and everything in between, if the label has potentially-toxic ingredients, throw it out. To look and feel fresh, it's a focus on clean.

Sunny Imposition. The best advice on the block? Sunblock. UV rays seriously accelerate aging. You could have the wellest of wellness practices, but without incorporating protection from the sun, you're putting huge limits on your efforts. A good SPF keeps your skin at the top of its beauty game.

Rosy Complexion. Our Skin Love Kit features REN Rose Body Oil for a reason. Healthy moisturizers and oils help plump fine lines, keep your skin hydrated, balance tone and give you an instantly-luminous look.

Everything, Water. Hydrate your body, hydrate your skin. If our body is lacking water, our skin will look and feel equally as parched.

Enduringly Nourishing. What we eat has a huge impact on our skin. Sugary, chemical-processed foods cause inflammatory effects (which deflate skin right away and also act as speedy aging agents). A bad diet leaves you looking puffy and irritated and feeling zapped and lethargic. Foods that have anti-inflammatory effect on your skin include avocados, sunflower, fish, sour cherry, nuts, fruits, veggies, turmeric and anything with antioxidants.

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