As you've probably heard, New Year's is the perfect time to turn your life upside down and hit the reset button. Yup. When the fat santa has sung and the champagne flutes are empty, bust out that fresh new day planner and start planning a fresh new you. First thing on the improve-self agenda? Detoxing at HigherDOSE in an infrared sauna.

DETOX. DETOX. DETOX. If you're on a mission to feel and look excellent, detox is key. You gotta get the bad stuff out to let the good stuff in because, there just isn't room for both. Your body is like a New York apartment, every inch is precious and too much junk equals frustration.

HEY, TOXINS! STOP AT THE INFRARED LIGHT. Get DOSEd to push heavy metals, radiation and environmental pollutant's out of your fat cells. When infrared heat gets your blood circulation going, vibrating molecules loosen deep stored toxins through sweat. It's one of the only ways to detox from heavy metals! Soak in infrared saunas instead of those traditional wooden boxes of hot-heavy air — infrared detoxes you 7x more than basic saunas.

THE BEST DETOX IS A SWEATY DETOX. But not just any sweat, you need DOSE sweat. Workout sweat it great, but different, because exercising puts the body in flight-or-fight mode. Infrared heat gets you sweating in detox mode by putting your body in a state of healing. Think about night sweats. That's your body trying to heal. That's your body sweating-it-out.

GET YOUR SKIN IN THE GAME. You've got a lot of skin. Not only is it your largest organ, it's the only organ everyone can see (knock on wood). So naturally, you can tell a lot about a person by the state of their skin. As the saying goes, beauty is more than skin deep — or whatever. What's skinny on detox and skin? Harmful pollutants inside the body can affect how you looks on the outside. Get rid of them, get glowing.

THE RIPPLE EFFECT. Cellulite is stored toxins in your fat cells. If you want to smooth this problem over, DOSE those harmful chemicals out. Your fitness routine will be more effective, and it'll be easier to lose weight and tone up.


IN FACT... Here's an interesting tid bit for you. Infrared saunas were used to detox 911 responders during the clean-up of the World Trade Center and they sweated out black and purple.


Whatever your goals and resolutions are for 2018, we're pretty sure they don't involve toxins and harmful chemicals — a.k.a. life slow-downs. That's why we get DOSEd and detoxed, so we can feel good, stay healthy and keep focused. 

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