Herbs with Arielle the Herbalist

Herbs with Arielle the Herbalist

Hello there! Clinical Herbalist Arielle Hayat here with some insight on your herbal regimen.

Without adding too much noise from the symphony of online platforms, I do want to share some expert and effective tools for energy, immune, respiratory system, and over all well being.

Before herbs and supplements, one of the most powerful tools that all of us possess, is the power to change our attitude. While the movie of our life plays out, it is completely in our control to set the genre. Do we want a thriller, or do we want a romance genre? Maybe we want a fairytale? Whatever it is, a thriller or fairytale, we can’t write the ending in the middle of the story. 

So while the plot of your life thickens, observe your attitude and see what may be improved for your enjoyment. You are not your circumstances. Observing any attitudes coming up that aren’t serving your wellbeing; witness them, and let them go to create the movie of your dreams.


If you are having trouble adjusting your attitude, or changing the genre of your life’s movie, work on present tools that allow you to feel empowered. What makes you feel like you are wearing a crown? For many of us that can be a self care ritual.


If you are working with a HigherDOSE sauna blanket at home, I absolutely love the ritual of inhaling Eucalyptus essential oil. Inhaling the EO has been studied and shows that it can inhibit viral and bacterial activity in upper and lower respiratory tract infections.



My Favorite immune boosting foods to have weekly:

1” of ginger root

1 crushed clove of garlic - let it sit for 15 mins before consuming in an oil or honey

1 lemon fruit 

1 cup of Bone Broth or Seaweed Mushroom Broth


My Favorite immune boosting herbs to work with:

(Some are short term)


Barberry Root


Oregon Grape Root


My Favorite Respiratory Herbs:



Osha (endangered, please find a sustainable source)

Anise Hyssop

Marshmallow Root



My Favorite short term herbs to fight infection:



Garden Sage 






To learn more on dosages, safety, and efficacy, I am available for health counseling on a sliding scale.


Wishing you all peace of mind, and joy.

Arielle the Herbalist

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