The Perfect Day

Katie & Lauren team up with Equinox to explore perfection in a day
The Perfect Day

What is “the perfect day” done the HigherDOSE way? It’s a sweat fest, beauty prep and workout sesh—in one day, all in one place. It looks like this: hitting up HigherDOSE x Equinox for an infrared sauna session, a soothing facial or massage and a complimentary day-long gym pass – all for $100. When we’re craving a feel-good day of relaxation and stimulation, this self-enhancing trifecta—infrared sauna, spa treatment (facial or massage) and gym pass—is what our daydreams are made of.… And for a limited-time only, we’re offering this perfecto experience as an exclusive package: book the Sauna Session + Spa Treatment at HigherDOSE Equinox and receive a complimentary Equinox gym pass for the day.

Of course, this all-day health affair (enjoyed within the beautiful, eco-conscious Equinox location) is an ideal version of perfection in a day. For the best of real life between morning and night, we’ve curated a list of our favorite day-boosting tips.

From the gym to nighttime hours, here’s how we heighten our perfect-day possibilities.

No matter what’s on the agenda, the aspirational perfect day is: mindful and physical, productive and self-enhancing and, of course, hard-working and full of amusement. On our highest days, we’re using the hours as opportunities, taking positive actions and performing at our best—and faltering and learning and laughing along the way (because even the perfectist day has nothing to do with perfection).


Rise & Relax

Your morning routine can make or break your day. Think about how you feel on a day that began rushing around, purse-packing and cereal-bar grabbing, versus how you feel after a leisurely morning of self-pampering and conscious life preparing. 

First of all, pick an alarm that eases you into awake. Beep, Beep! Unnecessary. Choose a gentle, waking sound, but avoid snooze. If you’re not already, get in the habit of rising to the alarm. Snoozing lacks the benefits of proper sleep and wastes time. If you need to wake up at 8:00 am, don’t set four earlier alarms—they’re not prepping your wake up, they’re zapping you of valuable energy potential. Fresh from a restorative night’s rest, mornings are prime-time for body and mind optimization. A strong, dedicated regime not only enhances productivity and performance, but it also sets positive moods, improves memory, increases focus and deepens concentration, and much more. A short morning meditation is good for the soul. A hot-cold shower is the best way to get your buzzes going. Let you’re a.m. moves inspire you.


Friends Who Workout Together are Altogether Way Better

Studies show that working out with a BFF is a great way to keep you accountable, push you to work harder and even loose more calories. Getting a new workout buddy is linked to boosted motivation and increased exercise frequency. Take pride in your friendships! Like everything meaningful in life, friendships require effort and consistency—and what better way to be actively friendly than being physically active? Skip happy hour. Hit the gym. 

Recover & Recharge

Train hard. Recover hard. Recovery time is essential to achieving your fitness goals. Hit up the HigherDOSE infrared sauna for a stimulating recovery experience that helps body flush out, nourish and repair itself—as infrared heat enhances blood flow, it delivers fresh nutrients to the body without over-challenging the muscles that need a little rest. Then, indulge in a facial for the ultimate dose of relaxation and rejuvenation. (PS. for the month of February, book a HigherDOSE sauna and bring a friend for free)

Heat Up, Ice Down

Go straight from your sweaty infrared sauna session into a cold bath or icy shower. Start with mildly-chilled water to rinse off. Heavy sweating releases salt, sebum and toxins, so wash your skin straight away. Then take it down to an icy temp. When you're in the sauna, blood rises to your body's surface and opens your pores. Cold water brings the blood back to vital organs, contracts pores to regular sizes and reinforces your body's natural defense system.

Face Time

A calming, rejuvenating facial provides a satisfying end to an all-day wellness experience. Everything affects our skin, environment, diet, your routines… it’s our largest organ and it’s the only organ everyone can see. Our facial treatments are specially curated for beautifying, detoxifying, restoring and invigorating—for glowing, radiant skin from the inside-out.

Massage Moment

Give the body some well-deserved attention with a relaxing restorative massage treatment. Opt to focus on performance recovery with a treatment that aligns and restores muscle tissue, embrace mind-body balance with a regenerative technique or enliven the senses with purifying aromatherapy.

HigherDOSE x Equinox Exclusive offer: book a Facial + Sauna Spa Package and receive a complimentary day pass to Equinox.

Sauna + Facial
30-Minute Infrared Sauna Session + 25-Minute Facial: $100
60-Minute Infrared Sauna Session + 50-Minute Facial: $175

Treatments: Aromatherapy Facial. Cleansing Facial. Regenerative Facial.

Sauna + Massage (Standard / Master Practitioner)*
30-Minute Infrared Sauna Session + 25-Minute Massage: $100 / $125
60-Minute Infrared Sauna Session + 50-Minute Massage: $175 / $195

Treatments: Performance Massage. Regenerative Massage. Aromatherapy Massage.

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