Oxytocin - the big "O" in DOSE

Oxytocin - the big "O" in DOSE

Here's why couples who DOSE together, get an extra hit of arousal together.

DOSE, in the name of love. Thanks to the many perks of infrared, when you strip down and Zen out in our saunas, the experience sparks our brain's happiness chemicals (DOSE stands for dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins). The amour of a DOSE is oxytocin, a powerful hormone that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain, travelling from the brain to the heart and throughout the body — igniting or influencing physical behaviors and emotions like happiness, attraction, love, affection, trust, sexual activity and empathy. 

We feel a surge of oxytocin when we hug or kiss someone we care for, and the hormone is especially stimulated during sex (some studies suggest greater levels of oxytocin are linked to more intense orgasms). It's the chemical foundation for trusting others and plays an important role in romantic relationships. Hence the nicknames: the love hormone, the cuddle hormone, the moral hormone and even the bonding hormone. Oxytocin pulls at our empathic heart strings, causing us to feel connected to one another and create dependable, emotional bonds. By tuning into our sympathetic, trusting selves, it makes us more supportive and open to emotional communication — ding, ding, ding. You just unlocked a secret to long-lasting love.

Sweat Baby, Sweat. When heating your core body temperature, infrared boosts your blood circulation and metabolic rate for a deep, sustained sweat. As the experience increases levels of oxytocin, triggering loving and relaxing feelings of emotional openness, it also stimulates symptoms of romantic attraction —  you're hot, naked, sweaty, pulse racing. Bringing someone special into your DOSE is not only a warming, bonding experience, it's physiologically arousing.

The Social Life. By initiating a natural dose of oxytocin, you'll make deeper connections and feel more receptive and thoughtful in social situations. Oxytocin gets released when we have a positive social experience. It helps us care about others, motiving us to work together towards common goals.

Cuddle Up. Oxytocin is related to physical touch. It's what makes cuddling so addictive. When people say "there's a chemistry between us," most likely, they're poetically waxing a spark of oxytocin.

Get (Oxytocin) High Naturally. We can hone in on keeping our oxytocin levels feeling good in our everyday lives. Words of encouragement, focused listening, smiling, laughing, meditating, exercising, being creative, spending time with a pet... These are all love-hormone enhancers!

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