Introducing #HackAtHome

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Here's a glimpse into how our co-founders Lauren and Katie are getting high naturally by biohacking at home. Share your photos with #HackAtHome for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

Lauren's Picks

My #HackAtHome ritual is centered around keeping my immunity up. I have twin 6 month olds, so I'm usually up pretty early. Once the babes are taken care of, I head to the kitchen to start my day with fluids - warm water, ginger, lemon, and a pinch of cayenne. This helps rehydrate and flush my body of toxins. Cayenne is even helpful for increasing sweat when I hit the sauna later on!

Then I make an immune boosting coffee. Life is just not the same without coffee, so we might as well make it as healthy as possible! My favorite is Kion Coffee, because it's made from organic beans roasted to maximize antioxidant levels with no crash or jitters. I opt for non-dairy cashew milk, turmeric, and cinnamon for taste and I supercharge it with Anima Mundi mushroom superfood powder and Vital Proteins collagen.

After coffee, I grab my tongue scraper and get to work! 
Tongue scraping, combined with oil pulling, is a great way to detox and an easy practice to help eliminate any harmful bacteria that's accumulated in your mouth overnight. Swish the oil around for a bit just like you would a mouthwash. I like using organic extra virgin coconut oil because of its pleasant taste. Keeko makes oil pulling a total breeze with their single use oil sachets and their selection of tools.
HD TIP: Oil pulling can even help whiten your teeth naturally!

I love that fresh and clean feeling it gives me every time, especially after having a coffee. Tongue scraping makes me feel cleaner than a shower! LOL!

Lastly, enter the mother of all hacks - my HigherDOSE sauna + cold shower!
Hot and cold therapies have been used for centuries to boost the immune system: improve circulation, down inflammation, pump fresh blood to all cells of your body, build collagen, and leave you feeling refreshed in a way that just can't be beaten. I love to sit in my HigherDOSE sauna for 30 minutes and then go straight into a cold shower. The first 10 seconds are uncomfortable and shocking, but then quickly after that, the cold feels energizing and invigorating. It's easy to get addicted to this hack. 

Katie's Picks

My day starts with a 3 min cold shower to boost immunity and endorphins. I dry brush before to stimulate lymphatic drainage and lather up with my favorite body oil - Atman by Jiva Apoha - which helps soften the shock of the cold and smells so sexy!  I pick a song from one of our HigherDOSE playlists (right now I’m loving Oceans of my Mind) to help get me through the torture and then I emerge reborn, refreshed and ready to take on the day.
FUN FACT - pain releases 4x as many endorphins as pleasure 💔❤️

By mid-afternoon I’m ready for another hit of happy chemicals so I hop on my bike Burning Man style and clock 30-60 minutes along NYC’s waterways.  Sometimes biohacking can be simple! 

Sleep is one of the most efficient ways to heal the body, so at a time when health it’s extra important, I’ve upped my nighttime routine with the help of Beam CBD, Chilipad, and Gravity blanket.  The Beam relaxes, the Chilipad cools my bed down to 55 degrees which helps me fall and stay asleep, and the Gravity blanket feels like a human comforting me as I doze off. With these tools I wake up energized and excited for my cold shower!  Rinse and repeat.

PS: Our friends at Chili are offering something special for the heroes keeping us all healthy and safe. Now until April 30th if you buy any dual zone chiliPAD or OOLER sleep system they will donate a single zone chiliPAD to nurses, doctors, and first responders as a thank you.

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