Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits: Why You Should Have One

Learn about the wonderful infrared sauna blanket benefits and discover why you just have to get an infrared sauna blanket for yourself.
Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits: Why You Should Have One

Every day, you take on distinct roles. You put on different caps as you try your darndest best to have a semblance of work-life balance. Whether you're a career woman struggling to climb the corporate ladder or a supermom tackling domestic problems, you manage to hold things together while simultaneously putting on your mascara and curling your lashes. 

Yet, the plain truth is that you are completely exhausted. You badly need something, anything that can bring your "sexy" back. Because deep down, that's who you are—vibrant and so full of life. And it'll take more than just a quick soak in the tub or your run-of-the-mill massage to peel away the layers of wear and tear from all those years of stress. You need the intense TLC that only an infrared sauna blanket, like HigherDOSE's Infrared Sauna Blanket, can give. So heat up and radiate with the fantastic infrared sauna blanket benefits and get ready to plug into next-level self-care!

Top Infrared Sauna Blanket Benefits

The far-infrared detox difference 

Infrared sauna blankets harness the power of far-infrared light. As potent as they are, the wavelengths of far-infrared light are invisible to the naked eye. Instead of seeing it, we feel its heat in much the same way that we experience the sun's rays or the warmth from hot coals. 

The heat energy boosts blood circulation to deliver all the nutrients the body needs to recover, penetrates deep to relax tense muscles, and heals damaged tissues. This is why far-infrared is used for powerful tissue healing and muscle recovery. Worried about high EMF radiation (electromagnetic field waves given off by cell phones and other electronic devices and which causes headaches) from far-infrared light? With the low EMF levels of HigherDOSE's Infrared Sauna Blanket, you're as safe as a snowball in winter.

Near-infrared light differs from far-infrared light because of its shorter wavelengths that are visible as red light. Unlike far-infrared, it doesn't give off heat. Although it can also relieve muscle tension, it is more popular for skin rejuvenation, as a refreshing pick-me-up, or as calming and soothing therapy.  

Get effortlessly glowing in no time 

No time? No problem! You can have your heat therapy in two shakes. All it takes is 10 minutes for the infrared sauna blanket to heat up. You can glow up and get a natural high as quickly as 10-20 minutes, or you can choose to stay tucked-in longer for about an hour to get into zen mode. In about that time, far-infrared rays may also deliver a deep detoxifying sweat that allows the body to push out toxins. Talk about close-to-zero disruption to your daily schedule. Of course, that's practically nothing compared to how long it takes you to surf on Facebook. 

With HigherDOSE’s Infrared Sauna Blankets, cleaning up is a breeze, which saves you even more time. Just use antibacterial wipes after every use, or you can also quickly whip up a homemade solution of vinegar with tea tree, lavender, or thyme essential oils.

Stoke up with a healthy dose of endorphins 

Get rid of the blues with an endorphin lift. The heat from the infrared sauna blankets can trick the brain into thinking that the body is about to experience pain. Triggered into defensive mode, it releases feel-good chemicals (your endorphins) to duke it out with the anticipated pain (which doesn't happen!). So you feel euphoric without going through any discomfort. Infrared sauna blankets are definitely non-believers of "no pain, no gain."

Refresh to recover better 

Be still and be healed. That basically sums up the mantra of infrared sauna blankets. You virtually don't do any work at all except perhaps to get in and out of it. The far-infrared light can work its magic on its own and penetrate right through your skin to your muscles and tissues to relieve pain and inflammation. Because it also boosts circulation, oxygen is delivered right where it's needed, making muscle recovery even speedier.

Relax as you rejuvenate 

Heating up in an infrared sauna blanket is one way to break away from the stress of everyday life. Taking the time to be by yourself and your own thoughts can help you slow down and refocus. Release your emotional tensions and feel refreshed, even as your body is being revitalized by the healing benefits of far-infrared rays.

Get high the natural way 

With infrared sauna blankets, you can look great and feel great without using any chemical treatments with harmful ingredients. Instead, get addicted to your own self-loving alchemy as your body gently responds to the reviving heat from the infrared sauna blankets. 

Boost the power of your nourishing face masks

An infrared sauna blanket isn't just your portable sauna-on-the-go, it can also do wonders for your skin. By opening up your facial pores, an infrared sauna blanket can prep your skin to soak up the benefits of a nourishing face mask, like HigherDOSE’s Red Light Face Mask.

Carry your sauna wherever your feet take you 

Got bitten by the travel bug? Travel light with HigherDOSE's Infrared Sauna Blankets, which can easily be folded and tucked into your suitcase or car. Quickly sizzle up and have your heat therapy wherever and whenever you feel like it. Once you get to your travel destination, you can simply keep your infrared sauna blanket out of sight by storing it under your bed. 

Break a sweat without breaking the bank 

Repeated visits to your wellness center to soak up the benefits of infrared are all fine and dandy. After all, it only costs you $60 to $70 each time you pop into your favorite spa, right? But wait, there's undoubtedly more. If you add it all up over your lifetime, it can run into thousands and thousands of dollars. So, in the long run, an infrared sauna blanket can give spas and wellness centers a run for their money in the savings game.

Points to ponder on

An infrared sauna blanket is a must if you want to give yourself some serious TLC. Therefore, you can’t take chances with your infrared sauna blanket choice. Choose HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blankets, the original at-home device beloved by celebrities and wellness experts worldwide. With HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blankets, you can relax, rejuvenate, and recover effectively and safely. To maximize the benefits of HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blankets, use it together with HigherDOSE Red Light Face Mask. Shop here today!

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