The HD LED Facial

The HD LED Facial

When icy winter temps and dry, smoggy winds become too much to face, escape the bitter-cold city with our new HD LED Facial. Now available at our stunning location within the Sixty LES Hotel, this relaxing and rejuvenating service immerses you in the benefits of blue, red and near-infrared LED light energy. A mood-enhancing, skin-restoring treatment boosting glow-from-within results — trust us, your body, mind and insta' feed will all be thankful.

For the ultimate beauty buzz, get double DOSEd. Mix your HD LED Facial experience with our custom Infrared Sauna Wrap. Get all snuggly and warm, let the detoxifying wrap suck out whatever toxins might be lurking in your body. This head-to-toe Zen zone stimulates that AHHH feeling of spa-happiness, while also cleansing you out inside and brightening you up outside.

Everyone gets all wrapped up in these infrared treatments because basically, it’s like getting a warm and welcoming hug from the challenges of beauty. Arrive dull and tired. Emerge radiant, focused and glowing.

The HD LED Facial. All Lights On You!

  • The flexible panel contours closely against your skin, so you can absorb the most effective amount of light energy.
  • It's lightweight and there's little to no sensation.
  • Takes just 30 minutes!
  • Most people feel or see an improvement with one or two uses.
  • provokes comprised cells to regenerate and heal.
  • Clears acne.
  • Provides anti-aging properties.
  • Improves skin tone, wrinkles and texture.

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