So we're guessing by now that you know all about our brand new Infrared PEMF Mat aka the Higher Frequency Mat. BUT, we've gotten a lot of questions from our HD fam about what makes this mat different from our Infrared Sauna Blanket. Let's get on the same wavelength.


What is PEMF?

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology works by sending low-level frequency throughout your body to recharge cells, expedite recovery, and calm the central nervous system. PEMF haas been scientifically-proven to improve chronic pain conditions, lessen inflammation, and improve immune response.


Why is this mat more expensive than the Infrared Sauna Blanket?

PEMF is the hottest technology since infrared. This isn't your average PEMF mat. All of our products are made using professional-grade materials. Both the Infrared Sauna Blanket and Infrared PEMF Mat utilize crystal, negative ion, and infrared therapies to provide the deepest level of healing.


However, the PEMF Mat has 20lbs of Crystal Therapy alone to transmit the PEMF effectively for the ultimate grounding experience. That's a lot of bling!


What does the Negative Ion button do?

When heated, the 20lbs of crystals produce negative ions, which are like antioxidants in the air. These ions neutralize free radicals and can improve your mood by directly impacting your serotonin levels. Your body and mind stay balanced and you can get high naturally.


When do I use my mat?

You can use the mat whenever works best for you, but some of our favorite times:


▶ Before a workout

▶ Before going to sleep

▶ While watching TV

▶ During your AM/PM meditation

▶ As a part of any wind down routine


You have the option to leave it on all day, so as to use it when you need a DOSE.


How do I know what PEMF setting to use? 


TL;DR: You can't go wrong. PEMF was created to mimic the same kind of frequency you'd find in nature, so you're basically just providing yourself more of the good that is already around you.


As with anything, every body is different, so don't be afraid to work your way through different settings mat different time intervals to see what works best for you. Lower levels are more relaxing, while higher levels are more stimulating.* 


Level 1 | 3hz - Delta Brain Wave

3 Hz is for deep relaxation and can help with falling asleep and staying asleep. When we are in a very deep sleep, our brains are typically in Delta. This can occur throughout the night, but it is typically the most intense in the hour after we've fallen asleep. Often times, this is the deepest sleep we get into during the night and this allows the brain to slow down dramatically - ultimately giving the body a chance catch up, facilitating healing and regeneration of tissues.

Level 1 can be used before sleep to help you drift off and keep you in this body-brain nurturing state. In the waking hours, level 1 can also be helpful if you are feeling anxious and want a boost back to equilibrium. 

Level 2 | 7.8hz - Theta Brain Wave + Schumann Resonance

The Earth's natural frequency, also known as the Schumann Resonance, is 7.8 Hz! When you're feeling disconnected or overstimulated from computer and cell phone usage, or can't get outside, use Level 2 to recharge and reconnect. 

7.8hz is in the Theta brain wave, which can also be accessed during sleep. This portion of our night is known as dream sleep which only accounts for about one third of the total sleep time.  

When our brains are in Theta, we can experience deep creative insights, enhanced learning and memory, and improved stress tolerance.

Level 3 | 10hz - Alpha Brain Wave

Alpha falls right in the middle of the brain wave spectrum and is predominately known for being present during meditation and wakeful relaxation. Using Level 3 at 10hz can promote mindfulness and open-mindedness, as well as reduce the physical effects stress and increase tissue regeneration. 

Level 4 | 23hz - Beta Brain Wave

Beta brain wave is present during our waking hours when we are most alert, focused, and involved in daily living and decision making. By using level 4, Beta waves are stimulated and promote improved mental function, increased concentration, and improved memory. This is especially helpful if you find yourself hitting a mid-day slump, or feel sluggish. Hit the PEMF Mat for an instant recharge!

Avoid using level 4 before bedtime, or if you are feeling anxious.

*The mat's PEMF cycle is 20 minutes long with 100-minute breaks in between. This cycle repeats 4 times before shutting off completely. 


How often can I use the mat? 

Unlike the Infrared Sauna Blanket, you don't need any clean up or setup to get the benefits of PEMF and infrared. You can use this mat wherever, whenever, as many times as you want.


What do I wear when using the mat? 

Whatever you want! Keep in mind that the infrared heat goes up to 70 degrees Celsius, so you may want to wear something comfortable in between.


Remind me about the benefits of Infrared? 

Infrared is the healing foundation behind all of our products and services. Infrared deeply penetrates muscles and tissue to improve muscle recovery, calm the mind and body, and release your happy chemicals for a good ol' fashioned (natural) high.

When paired together, infrared and PEMF create a powerful healing experience.


Have any other questions? Don't be afraid to reach out at


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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