What's Your Pulse? PEMF 101

What's Your Pulse? PEMF 101

Ride the electromagnetic wave.

If you don’t feel like yourself until you’ve had your morning coffee, then you get the concept of needing a shockwave to the system to up your energy levels. Now think of your cells not having had their morning coffee (metaphorically-speaking) for days, months, maybe years. When your cells don’t get the figurative “battery power” they need, your ability to heal is compromised. Yes, that means more pain, potential chronic illnesses, a frazzled central nervous system, and a weaker immune system.

PEMF Therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field), which has been around for over 60 years (some even say since  2000 B.C.), is a biohacking and rehabilitation treatment that helps regenerate damaged or injured cells throughout the body. Basically, it just helps give your body what it needs to heal properly. But this therapy isn’t about “woo woo” or pseudoscience. PEMF relies on pulsed energetic currents that run through the body to promote natural healing over time. Healthy cells can be a form of preventative medicine.

The long and short of it is: PEMF therapy is typically performed by laying down on a special mat that has a copper coil or an electromagnet. This allows a pulsating magnetic field to go through your body on a deeper level with more targeted control for a longer period of time. People are often worried about EMF-style radiation from X-Rays, their cellphones, microwaves, etc. But PEMF frequencies are not unlike what you’d already be experiencing in nature, which means your DNA and cells don’t get negatively-effected.

Here is just a short list of the different key ways it can benefit your daily life:
Catching deeper zzzs

Frayed cells lead to a frayed mind, meaning worse sleep and poor focus. Bad sleep leads to a messy day, which leads to more stress, which turns your central nervous system into overdrive, which leads to worse sleep that night. This nasty cycle feels terrible and creates a lot of internal and external aging. No, thank you! In order to get a proper night’s rest, your body needs to produce the proper amount of melatonin and Human Growth Hormone (HGH). PEMF therapy helps release both hormones, leading to deeper sleep and a better opportunity for your body to do the hard work healing while your mind takes a break (preferably eight-hours).

Gaining power over pain

You know how some people say, “You’ve got good energy,” or “Good vibes only?” Well, that’s because our cells literally have their own voltage. A healthy cell is vibrating at around -20/-25 millivolts, but when we get sick, we end up with cells operating at a lower capacity, making the body ill-equipped to heal. Cue: PEMF. Sending a mild electrical magnetic current through the body increases blood flow to the cells and tissues, helping to inhibit pain and inflammation. With inflammation stalled, your cells have a chance to pick up their own pieces and join forces, leaving you with more energy and better healing resources.

Recovering like a pro

Getting those gains at the gym can be short-lived if you’re not engaging in proper recovery. Sure, we love foam rolling, but PEMF can help the muscles rebound much quicker by increasing the oxygen delivered to the muscles, improving endurance and preventing injuries caused by overuse. If you’re injured, PEMF can accelerate healing with tendons, ligaments, bones, and tissue.

Get on our cellular level!

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