That Summer Bod!

Lady showing her fit thighs and abdomen in a side view position.

’Aint No Body Like A HigherDOSE Body.

Spring has arrived (technically) and summer is on the rise, which means, it’s time to stop daydreaming about your ideal summer body and get after it! From major weight loss to toning to athletic training, whatever your fitness goals are, the power of infrared will help you get there. Not only do you burn calories while soaking in an infrared sauna (or infrared sauna blanket), but you better prepare your body to burn calories later, absorb nutrients and stay energized. Oh, and it also gives your skin that healthy, dewy, juice-cleanse-status summer glow.

Sweaty & Healthy. When infrared heat gets your blood circulation going, vibrating molecules loosen deep stored toxins through sweat — pushing out heavy metals, radiation, environmental pollutants, fat, cholesterol, alcohol, nicotine. (It's one of the only ways to detox from heavy metals!) Detoxing is essential. Especially when it comes to weight loss and fitness finesse. Fat cells are full of stubborn toxins. As we sweat in an infrared sauna, infrared flushes these stubborn toxins out of our body’s fat cells—a process called “resonant absorption.” Essentially, your perspiration releases these fatty-cell toxins and, when doing so, your body drops the fat. Also, infrared detoxification strengthens the body's immune system and allows us to better absorb and utilize the nutrients in our food. If you're on a mission to feel and look good, you gotta get the bad stuff out to let the good stuff in because, there just isn't room for both. Getting that bad $h*! out of your system gives more energy and more focus to put towards your summer bod and overall self-confidence.

Burn Baby Burn. An infrared sauna session can burn upwards of 600 calories! When infrared heat is boosting your circulation, it increases your heart rate and metabolic rate, causing the body to burn calories. Like light jog.  Like working out! Like working out, without working out. It’s a stimulating and relaxing spa experience that burns calories and gives that post-gym euphoric high—win, win.

Feel Healthy & Satisfied.  Some are prone to binging on unhealthy foods to induce feelings of intense satisfaction, which can become an extreme or minor form of addiction. Science has come a long way in helping us understand the way the brain changes in addiction. Sugary foods are like addictive drugs, which provide a shortcut to the brains reward system by a flood of dopamine. Infrared triggers our brain's dopamine levels (as well as other happiness chemicals such as oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins), so you get that satisfied high, naturally. You leave feeling beautiful and buzzed and more content—making you less likely to compulsively eat or seek out addictive substances to fulfill those empty cravings. After a sauna session, you'll feel like you're on clouds and you’ll have the clarity and energy boost to sustain these feel-good motives for extended periods of time.

Sleep Superbly. Zzz. As infrared ignites your brain’s happiness chemicals, it also lowers cortisol levels and put’s your body into a natural state of healing—which is the ideal state to be in for that perfect, deep, deep sleep. Cortisol is the hormone associated with stress and anxiety and affects our ability to relax into our most effective sleeping state. Proper sleep is essential to restoring the body for highest functioning, which is essential to weight loss and healthy, firm skin.

Perform Better. Incorporating infrared into you regular wellness regime is both a means of recovery and performance enhancement. When you’re going after your best summer sculpt, these benefits are incredible! Infrared delivers nutrients to the body without over-challenging the muscles that need a little rest. Muscles and joints love circulation, and infrared gives them circulation with a moment of rest. It's a relax and repair win-win. It also releases endorphins. So say you're a runner and you can't run due to injury, infrared saunas give you that runner's high, while also burning calories, while also helping your body heal. Athletes also benefit from the heat as it enhances endurance — something called "hyperthemic conditioning," which is a fancy way of saying that infrared exposure helps you stand real-life heat in future high-intensity situations.

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