5 Health and Wellness Gifts to Give the People You Love

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Guess what’s dropping soon? What else but the most wonderful time of the year for a lot of folks—Christmastime! Not a few get to chill with their loved ones watching holiday movie classics while sipping hot cocoa in their jammies. What if you can’t relate just yet? Then perhaps you haven’t started ticking off the items on your shopping list. No worries! Just take a deep breath and carry on with this thoughtfully crafted list of health and wellness gift ideas for the special people in your life.

#1. Sauna Blanket Bundle 

The HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket Bundle makes a great present for anyone who enjoys the benefits of a luxurious spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home (who doesn’t?!). It comes with not just one—or two—but three deluxe items: the HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket, a Towel Insert, and an Eco-Friendly Cleaner. 

The best-selling sauna blanket makes use of far-infrared technology. This emits warm and calming energy that intensely penetrates at the cellular level, delivering a deep, detoxifying sweat. As a result, toxins are flushed out from the body, blood flow is boosted, and the heart rate increases (to the pace of a light jog). The infrared device also endows the skin with a soft, healthy glow. But that’s not all. The Bundle comes with an organic, sweat and absorbent towel insert and a cleaner made with non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients. The trio creates the perfect infrared starter kit. So whether your besties are wellness pros or thermotherapy tyros, they’re sure to delight in the numerous healing and beautifying benefits of this innovative gift.

#2. Deck the Bathroom Bundle

Express your love this holiday season with this exquisite Magnesium-based shower collection. The Deck the Bathroom Bundle features three topical bestsellers from HigherDOSE, which are sure to make anyone sing fa la la la la in their bathroom and, perhaps, everywhere they go! So what can they get? 

First is the HigherDOSE Serotonin Soak Salt, a powerful topical designed to drain toxins from tired bodies. This bath soak is infused with flakes of Zechstein Magnesium, a highly pure and natural form of magnesium from the North Sea beds (between the U.K. and Norway). Magnesium is a mineral that’s essential in many body processes, such as soothing the nervous system, balancing one’s inner seas, and enhancing mood.

Next is the HigherDOSE Healing Oil, a luscious mixture of organic Castor oil, Zechstein Magnesium, Jojoba oil, Broccoli Seed oil, and a specially formulated essential oil blend. Together, these potent ingredients create a nutrient-dense combination that delivers warming sensations and amplifies any sweat session. This package is the perfect present for someone looking to enhance their sauna or workout routine. 

Just as important as the rest is the HigherDOSE Get Salty Spray, which is the sea’s healing power in a spritz! This product proactively replenishes the skin with vital electrolytes lost when one sweats. It is also packed with all the calming, balancing, and restoring benefits of Zechstein magnesium. 

So, give your pals a salty upgrade to their self-care routine with the HigherDOSE Deck the Bathroom Bundle today!

#3. Holiday Glow Bundle 

All the holiday prepping and revelry can take a toll on one’s complexion! So delight your friends with gorgeously revitalized skin with the HigherDOSE Holiday Glow Bundle of one Red Light Face Mask + Glow Serum. 

The Red Light Face Mask combines red and near-infrared LED technologies. These  help reduce wrinkles, boost collagen production, and even out skin tone without any harsh chemicals. Instead, it works by mimicking low-level rejuvenating waves found in natural sunlight. This makes it a gentle, safe, and non-invasive treatment for your BFFs. And it’s a specially thoughtful gift too, as its innovative design is made with busy lifestyles in mind. With the mask’s extra head strap and functional eye holes, your buddies can get lit while doing their Christmas errands! 

While the Red Light Face Mask ignites radiant skin on its own, you can ramp up the benefits to next-level intensity and incandescence with the heat- and light-activated Glow Serum. This powerful two-step treatment will elevate any skincare routine to pro levels. 

With the Holiday Glow Bundle, you can help the facial aficionados and skin care geeks on your list glow as they flow.

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#4. Infrared PEMF Go Mat

Get your beloved gang “grounded” with the HigherDOSE Infrared PEMF Go Mat, which is the portable version of our Infrared PEMF Mat. Like the original, this compact version boasts a powerful combo of two recovery technologies. 

One is infrared light technology that mimics the sun’s healing capabilities without the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Infrared radiation lies in the invisible region of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, you can detect its presence through its heat. Because it has longer wavelengths (compared to visible light), infrared light can penetrate deeply beyond the skin’s surface to repair and rejuvenate cells. 

This smash hit from our collection of at-home wellness devices is also powered by PEMF technology. This refers to pulsed electromagnetic fields that send out gentle therapeutic waves throughout the body to enhance its natural regenerating capabilities. 

Help your cherished chums recharge and relax from the stresses of any season. With the Infrared PEMF Go Mat, they can relieve aches and pains, increase their energy, and boost their mood anytime and anywhere.

#5. Chill Bundle

Elevate your besties’ wellness routine with one of our coolest Christmas treats—the HigherDOSE Chill Bundle. This holiday set includes our best-selling Infrared PEMF Go Mat, calming Chill Chews, and a Go-Mat Cover. 

Did you know that you can actually “stack your way” to optimal health? Stacking is the biohacking process of layering steps into one powerful routine. This makes it easier for you to commit to a more effective and sustainable self-care ritual. And the Chill Bundle can make it happen for your nearest and dearest. 

You already know about our best-selling Infrared PEMF Go Mat and its excellent benefits. But when this is paired with our grounding gummies, the result is effortless euphoria. The potent HigherDOSE Chill Chews contain a targeted blend of magnesium citrate, adaptogenic (stabilizing) mushrooms, and ashwagandha. These can effectively rebalance one’s inner seas and ease stress and anxiety.

As a bonus, we’ve also thrown in a Go-Mat Cover, so your favorite folks can sink into softness and doze off into restorative sleep.

Wrapping Up

Christmas need not be stressful with this fabulous holiday guide for the special people in your life. From sauna blanket bundles to chill pills, they will surely love any of these at-home health and wellness gifts.

For more spectacular presents to give your loved ones, shop HigherDOSE’s cutting-edge infrared technologies, body care products, and supplements today. Heat up the yuletide season only with HigherDOSE!

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