The Biohacking Truth About Nutrition With Celebrity Nutritionist, Teri Cochrane

Many of us have a good idea of what is nutritious and what is not. But, what if every so-called “healthy food” is not actually supportive to every body? On the latest episode of Biohack-HERS, HigherDOSE Founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps meet with Teri Cochrane, a celebrity nutritionist also known as the Spiritual Scientist, to experience her unique, science-backed nutrition method. The Teri Cochrane Method is a combination of Western medicine-based nutrigenomics (aka, how food influences our genes) and applied kinesiology with a psychic aura reading to determine which foods are actually healthy for specific bodies. 

The Biohack-HERS experience begins with an evaluation of Lauren and Katie’s DNA, genetics, and intake forms. In her evaluation, Teri uses the data gathered from Lauren and Katie to determine which genes cause nutrition-related problems in the body. “What we’re doing is finding a very elegant but simple way to optimize nutrition and supplementation,” Teri explains in the episode. Once she has a hypothesis about what Lauren and Katie’s nutrition issues are, Teri uses a kinesiology-style muscle test to confirm her findings. 

We’ll admit, muscle testing sounds and looks a little out there — but it’s actually backed in science. The process involves asking the body if something is good or not and the muscles respond by staying strong or going weak. The experience in and of itself is super fascinating and, most importantly, accurate. 

After Teri completes the muscle testing, the next step in her evaluation of Lauren and Katie is to conduct an energy reading to learn more about what is happening in their energy fields, and how that might impact how and why their bodies respond negatively to certain types of foods. In a lot of ways, Teri is like an energy nutrition alchemist, using science-backed practices to work some serious magic to gain insight into how food has the power to express genetics. 

Curious to know more about the Teri Cochrane Method and how biohacking with a combination of nutrigenomics, applied kinesiology, and energy reading might be the answer to healthy eating? Check out the latest episode of Biohack-HERS, out now. 

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