Magnesium Benefits for Skin, Hair, and Nails

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Some people seem to have an unmistakable glow about them. Is it their trendy hairstyle, those gorgeous locks, or that burst of nail color? Or perhaps they simply have ample magnesium in their bodies.

That's right, the same magnesium that pairs with vitamin D to strengthen bones and muscles and relieve anxiety and depression. In fact, it's among the essential beauty-boosting minerals, such as zinc, copper, and selenium. So if you look and feel less than your usual stellar self, you can probably blame it on your low magnesium levels. This article reveals what magnesium can do for your skin, hair, and nails. We'll also share how you can level up your dose of this wonder mineral.

Magnesium: The Miracle Mineral 

Magnesium isn't called a super supplement for nothing. The essential mineral is hard at work in more than 300 chemical reactions within our cells. So, it isn't just beneficial in supporting the inner workings of the body, but it can also help you bloom from the inside out. Here are a few magnesium benefits for skin, hair, and nails.

1. Keeps skin young and supple 

A number of factors, such as age and pollution, can cause the decline of structure-supporting molecules. The absence of these molecules can dry out the skin, making it prone to fine lines, discoloration, wrinkles, and sagging.

One of the magnesium benefits for skin is regulating collagen and elastin and inhibiting their deterioration, bolstering their levels. Magnesium also controls special proteins that help skin withstand compression, resist changes to its form, and heal damaged connective tissues.

2. Protects against inflammation

When our amazing immune system detects threats to its safety, it sends out first-responder cells to defend itself. These cells release an inflammatory response to attack the harmful microorganisms and heal their injured comrades. As a result, our skin swells up. While this is a no-pain-no-gain scenario, this biological defense mechanism can go into overdrive and trigger excessive inflammation.

Studies show magnesium deficiency increases secondary cellular messengers, which tell the cells to "raise the red flag." Thus, amping up your miracle mineral can help stave off inflammatory stress that causes redness, result in hyperpigmentation, and speed up skin aging.

3. Prevents hair loss

Keratin is the building block of hair. The protein strengthens and smoothens hair strands and keeps them from becoming brittle and thinning out. Vitamin D helps metabolize the keratinocytes. These dominant cells in the epidermis process and grow keratin. Thus, a deficiency in vitamin D may lead to hair loss or alopecia. However, it's magnesium that metabolizes the metabolizer, maximizing vitamin D bioavailability.

4. Breaks down calcium deposits

A more direct effect of magnesium is in the control of calcium deposits. Hard water or underlying conditions can cause calcium to build up in your hair and scalp. This can dry out the hair, weaken it, and trigger excessive shedding. It can also cause dandruff and scalp inflammation. Magnesium oil may be a potent antidote by dissolving these calcium salts, thus, restoring your crowning glory.

5. Makes nails smooth 

Celebrities don't just happen to have gorgeous nails by accident. Chances are, their glam routine includes getting adequate levels of magnesium. Remember how magnesium is essential in hair health because it activates and makes vitamin D available in our system? The same applies to nails, which also need the beauty vitamin to "survive and thrive." Research shows that fingernail thickness is a function of optimal vitamin D levels. Not only that, but magnesium may also help prevent vertical ridges from forming, so you get even and well-formed nails.

6. Brightens nails 

Lackluster nails can be a sign that our body isn't getting the oxygen, vitamins, and minerals it needs to stay nourished. But the essential nutrients can only be transported promptly and thoroughly if the delivery team—your circulatory system—is in tip-top shape. Magnesium can be that uber-efficient logistics manager that addresses "congestions" by relaxing the blood vessels. This improves blood pressure and allows the life-giving fluid to flow more efficiently and bring back the radiance of your nails.

Loading up on Magnesium Benefits for Skin, Hair, and Nails

1. "Eat your magnesium."

It's possible to ingest more magnesium than you should when taking supplements. As a result, you may experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and lethargy. Excessive concentrations may even lead to magnesium toxicity. 

A possibly safer and more natural option to boost your magnesium supply is by getting it from food sources. This way, your kidneys can simply flush out the extra amounts when you pee. So get your miracle-mineral fix from these magnesium-rich sources like green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, Swiss chard), dried beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.

2. Pamper up with magnesium oil.

It takes a while before our body can utilize the magnesium from the food we eat. Yet, if magnesium is applied topically, it may be able to bypass the gastrointestinal tract regulation that happens when we consume food. This is because our lymphatic system directly supports the blood, heart, and blood vessels and maintains fluid balance in the body. Thus, our skin may absorb magnesium faster as the mineral goes straight into the lymphatic system and proceeds directly into the bloodstream, ramping up magnesium levels.

A Gentle Reminder

Safety should always be the priority. Consult your dermatologist if taking magnesium supplements or applying magnesium oil is ideal for you. Also, skip magnesium oil if you have a sensitive scalp or have scalp infections or abrasions.

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