Mad About NAD

Mad About NAD


We use NAD every day. It helps us with essential basics like sleeping, breathing, eating and drinking. Short for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, our bodies naturally produce NAD in a variety of ways—eating certain foods, exercising and even fasting are all-natural ways to increase NAD.

Most people don’t think about their cellular health but remember, cells are “the building blocks of life.” Levels of NAD in the body are directly related to the aging process. Decreased NAD causes things like grogginess, laziness, unstable sleep patterns and tired skin. But with the developments of modern wellness and nutrition, we’re learning new ways to boost NAD naturally through physical exercise, diet and supplements.

To increase energy production and utilization, amp up cellular repair and promote healthy circadian rhythms–in addition to anti-aging benefits—here’s here are the 3 go-to rules for naturally-induced boosts of NAD.

For Your Daily Dose of NAD

Fasting. NAD aids in the process of turning nutrients into energy. Practiced in many religions around the world since ancient times, fasting is the process of reducing calorie intake and is an excellent method for indirectly boosting the body’s NAD levels. When are restrict and effectively plan our calorie intake, we can be sure to avoid overeating or consuming too much food/drink intake that works counterproductively to healthy levels of NAD.

 Exercise. One of the easiest and most cost-effective methods for boosting NAD+ levels, exercise forces our body muscles to produce more powerhouse cells and thus amp up our natural NAD score.

Diet. Foods rich in NAD include everyday items such as dairy milk, fish, chicken and green vegetables. For the chefs out there, the cremini mushroom and small amounts of beer are tasty options as well. 

While daily exercise and a balanced diet filled with healthy, NAD-conscious sources of nutrition will always prove effective for increasing your natural NAD, and therefore restoring and maintaining your natural energy and youthful glow, adding NAD supplements into your routine is also a beneficial way to get the cellular dose of enhancement you need.

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