Infrared Sauna + Cryotherapy Benefits

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Wallace and Gromit, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, Batman and Robin—they're some of the best duos in history. And you know what else makes a perfect pair? Infrared light + Cryotherapy! If it's the first time you've heard of this powerful partnership, then you're in for a treat(ment!). This hot-and-cold therapeutic combo is something you surely won't want to miss out on. 

In this blog post, we will unpack why this awesome twosome is making waves in the health and fitness space. Whether you're looking for a way to relax, recover, or rejuvenate, read on—and get ready to be amazed!

The infrared sauna difference 

The infrared sauna is the sophisticated version of the traditional sweat lodge. It uses special lamps that emit infrared heat, directly warming up the body rather than the air around you. Thus, you get a more efficient detox, as you'll sweat sooner and reach a higher core temperature. It also operates at a lower temperature, making it more comfortable for longer sessions. In other words, this sauna is not just about sweating—it's about sweating smarter.

What makes the infrared sauna stand out even more is the use of light from the infrared spectrum. The infrared rays mimic the sun's healing capabilities but without the harshness of ultraviolet rays. While invisible, their long wavelengths penetrate beneath the skin's surface into the mitochondria. These are the cells' main providers of chemical energy, which the body needs to function optimally. As a result, heat is generated deep within the body's tissues and muscles, delivering multiple health advantages.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy or cold therapy is a treatment that involves exposure to extreme cold. The most common method is standing in a chamber cooled to around -200°F for a few minutes. Why on earth would anyone willingly subject themselves to such freezing temperatures, you might ask? Well, it's because of its pretty impressive benefits!

For instance, cryotherapy can decrease inflammation and boost overall mood. Like infrared therapy, cryotherapy has become increasingly popular among athletes, physical therapists, and anyone who wants to enhance performance or reduce pain. Other plusses include improved circulation and accelerated recovery times from muscle-related injuries.

So, why combine an infrared sauna with cryotherapy?

Combining these two treatments provides an enhanced range of therapeutic benefits that can help people heal faster. At the same time, they experience less discomfort throughout their recovery process. Here are seven ways these therapies join up to provide superior results:

1. Immune system boost

Sweating it out in an infrared sauna and then taking a dip in the cryotherapy pool may be the ultimate 1-2 punch for invigorating your immune system. The heat activates white blood cells, while the cold effectively reduces inflammation. Together, these temperature extremes create a "shock and awe" response in your body. This revs up your lymphocytes, neutrophils, and macrophages—all white blood cells—to fight off invading pathogens like a boss.

2. Pain management

If you're looking for a two-fisted approach to pain relief, look no further than infrared sauna and cryotherapy. Infrared light facilitates recovery and alleviates pain associated with spasms or tears in the tissue. This is coupled with immediate cooling from cryotherapy, which helps to soothe muscle soreness.

By alternating between hot and cold, you're essentially giving your body a powerful massage with all the benefits of a deep tissue rubdown. It's like hitting the reset button on your pain levels, leaving your achy-breaky body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. As a result, your body can recover at a much faster rate than either treatment alone would be able to achieve. This dynamic duo of infrared sauna and cryotherapy can especially be helpful in conditions such as arthritis or chronic pain.

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3. Increased blood flow

The "therapeutic tug-of-war" is like tapping into the yin and yang of blood flow. First, the heat of the sauna triggers blood vessels to dilate, sending the blood rushing to your muscles and organs. Afterward, the cold of cryotherapy constricts the blood vessels. This enables the blood to flow back to your heart and lungs.

By alternating between hot and cold, you're creating a dynamic "pump and flush" action. This keeps your blood moving and circulating, much like a cardio workout. As a result, more oxygen-rich blood cells and nutrients reach your tissues. This also helps flush out waste materials like excessive lactic acid.

4. Better sleep quality

Among the excellent infrared sauna and cryotherapy benefits is its effect on sleep. The perfect pair can help you sleep like a baby—no rocking chair required! Think of it as a natural sleeping aid. The rise and fall of temperatures stimulate the body’s   circadian rhythms, which regulate your sleep-wake cycle. This helps you drift off faster and stay asleep longer. Plus, the release of endorphins can leave you feeling refreshed in the morning. You'll wake up feeling like you've had a full night's rest!

5. Enhanced physical performance

Infrared sauna and cryotherapy are like a secret combo for boosting performance. The exchange of hot and cold provides your body with a form of "active recovery," enhancing your endurance. This allows you to train harder and recover faster

Also, the alternating temperatures mimic the effects of training by triggering adaptation mechanisms. This helps boost muscle strength and power while reducing tissue damage. And you get all these even before picking up your kettlebells or free weights!

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6. Skin rejuvenation

Infrared Sauna + Cryotherapy can give your skin the ultimate rejuvenating treatment without expensive creams or invasive procedures. The resulting improvement in circulation and sweating out of impurities from the sauna tightens pores. Also, the sauna's heat can stimulate collagen production, boosting cell turnover rate and keeping the skin firm and elastic. 

After the infrared session comes cryotherapy, creating a soft, supple, and hydrated complexion. Clearly, these temperature extremes can work like an effortless pick-me-up for the skin, leaving it youthful and radiant.

7. Stress relief

How would you like a warm hug from Mother Nature or a relaxing spa day at home? That's right; stress relief is yet another extraordinary infrared sauna and cryotherapy benefit. The sauna's heat helps to reduce oxidative stress. This is the imbalance between unstable atoms called free radicals and the capability of cells to neutralize them. Thus, infrared light can go a long way in preventing DNA and cellular damage. 

Infrared therapy is then alternated with cryotherapy, which stimulates the release of endorphins. Together, they create an effective stress-busting combination that reduces anxiety and decreases tension.

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Elevating health to the superlative degree

Look no further than Infrared Sauna + Cryotherapy to relax and reboot your system. Whether it's for relieving stress, improving mobility, or bolstering immunity, this tandem can empower you to be the best version of yourself in record time! 

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