#HackAtHome May Edition

#HackAtHome May Edition

This week at HigherDOSE we're giving you more hacks to keep you feeling hot and high, even while you're at home. Share your photos with #HackAtHome for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.


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Katie's Picks

1. Tame your mane (and other tips to lock in your lewk)

As an appointment addict, I could scarcely imagine life without Dry Bar, Bling Lash, etc etc. Alas here we are. I finally took matters into my own hands and learned to tame my mane (with the help of Dry Bar tutorials online and their at home kits) and discovered alternatives to great lashes/brows (check out Revitalash products). Since I only have myself to look at all day I might as well enjoy it. I even invested in a bunch of lingerie to spice up my at home wardrobe. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down, especially during lockdown!

HD TIP: Cold showers can help lock in moisture and stimulate hair follicles!

2. Go from subpar to sublime (with a Treadly)

Problem: sitting in front of a computer doing emails all day can get draining. Solution: start doing your work on a treadmill desk (I love the Treadly because it’s light and portable - I was even able to drag it six blocks from our office to my apartment by myself lol). Walking while working increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which heightens focus. You’ll get more work done faster (and better) while feeling euphoric. Win/win!! 

3. Get buzzed without booze

The key to manifesting your desires in a non-linear fashion is combining high vibe emotions (like love, joy, gratitude) with clear intentions (paraphrasing Joe Dispenza here...). Alcohol is a little trickster that makes you feel charming and fun but really it’s just dulling your senses and lowering your vibration. These FOMO free quarantine days offer the perfect chance to experiment with state changing plant based tinctures and elixirs that will give you a buzz without the buzz-kill side effects of booze. I recommend XYZ...

Lauren's Picks

1. Reset and Recharge

Living in Westchester has helped me connect with nature and "the great outdoors", so when I find myself feeling stuck or unmotivated I know I need to lace up my shoes and get some fresh air. There are many known reasons why hiking makes us feel so great, but hiking does much more than just get your heart rate up: hiking can also aid in memory, boost your creativity, decrease anxiety and depression, and increase your connection to the person (or pup!) you're hiking with - hello DOSE!

2. Escape by Learning

I've always felt higher anxiety and stress from some TV shows. If there is a lot of social drama, loss, murder, drug use, etc., it can leave me with a low frequency because it's human nature to feel compassion for others even if it's just a show. So, I've been more aware of what I watch on tv and screen it by asking myself, "is this going to make me feel better or worse?" Seeing as quarantine has us stuck inside and consuming much more content, I figured I might as well use this time to learn something. And that's when I decided to sign up for Masterclass and I LOVE it!!! I've learned such interesting and important skills that I normally would not have access to unless I signed up for a course. It's genius. I've become pretty knowledgeable and skilled as a cook, baker, and even interior designer. Next, I'll be learning about finances. 

3. Meditations and Breathwork 

In high-stress times like these, it can be easy to get swept up in the constant loop of troubling news, confusing information, and of course heavy emotions. Meditation and breath work has helped me break out of the cycle and calm my body and mind. It can be done at any time of the day (or night), and in any position - sitting, standing, or walking. Research has shown that regular practice, even for a short time like 15 minutes a day, can sustainably improve mood and focus, and decrease mind-wandering, anxiety, and stress.

Your Meditations Remixed

Keep the high vibes going. We've created the hottest meditation mix with DJ Erica Jobe and Anthony Berlingeri! The ultimate DOSE combo - it's designed to up your dopamine with dope beats while getting your serotonin soaring with guided meditation. Namaste!

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