Hack Your Holiday

Hack Your Holiday

Our founders have hacked at home all quarantine and this holiday weekend will be no different. Read on to see what's keeping them on top of their game as we head into summer. Follow along on social media and share your photos with #HackAtHome for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

Lauren's Picks


I'm a huge fan of getting vitamin D through the most natural resource, the sun. Did you know an enormous amount of people today are vitamin D deficiency? This can be caused by several factors including not getting enough exposure to sunlight or a lacking diet. Being deficient in vitamin D can have severe health consequences and can even play a role in your ability to recover from infections and illnesses. To combat this, I try to spend 20-30 minutes in direct sunlight each day when the sun is not at its strongest. I usually aim for early morning or late afternoon.


Ever wonder why you can swell up in the summertime? You may not be eating the right foods to keep your body cool. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, and staying hydrated. Try incorporating things like watermelon, citrus, cucumber, and mint into your water, and dark leafy greens into your salads. Aim to have less meat, fried foods, and heavy carbs.


Working out at home helps me feel ready for summer and it's skin-baring glory. I've discovered so many great online workouts to keep my body feeling challenged. Here are my go-to's:

  • Melissa Wood Health: Excellent for lengthening and toning your body. I always feel better and more energized after her workouts.
  • Bonded by the BurnTracy and Lucy put you through the most intense hardcore workout! If you're looking to transform your body in a short time, this is the workout for you. 
  • Joga: Yoga for athletes. It enhances athletic performance, improves concentration, decreases recovery time, and ultimately, transforms an athlete's game.

Katie's Picks


Tennis! Tennis is a perfect way to stay active during this time because you can play solo by hit against a wall or play it socially distanced. Hitting against a wall is very meditative so it’s like a two for one.  It’s also a sport you can play your whole life and at any fitness level. Tennis is a great cardio workout - it's benefits include improved agility, flexibility, and balance, as well as boosted critical thinking and alertness.


Drinking a gallon of water a day as part of the #75HARD challenge I recently started. Doesn’t leave much room to drink anything else and gives me another goal to focus my mind!  The 75HARD also requires following a diet, 2 x 45 min workouts a day (one outside), and reading 10 pages of a book daily.  It's keeping me so busy I barely remember we're quarantining. 


I've recently taken on learning how to DJ - a few DJ friends have shown me the ropes. This weekend I'll be mixing up new HD playlists as our soundtrack to summer. Let's make it EPIC!

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