Altering Reality With Light Sound Vibration Biofeedback Therapy

Altering Reality With Light Sound Vibration Biofeedback Therapy

On the latest episode of Biohack-HERS, HigherDOSE Founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps meet with Tarun Raj, the founder of a vibrational therapy company called Reality Center in Los Angeles. For this Biohack-HERS experience, Lauren and Katie experience Reality Center’s state-of-the-art Wave Table to see if they can tune into a psychedelic state without the psychedelics. 

What Is Vibrational Therapy? 

The vibrational therapy used at Reality Center consists of a vocal analysis and immersive sound, light, and frequency experience to help people drop into a flow state and even start to feel effects similar to a psychedelic trip. Before Lauren and Katie tried out Reality Center’s Wave Table, they first had their voices analyzed by Tarun. This process involves creating a specific mantra—based on your intention for the experience or something you’d like to call into your lie—and reciting it repeatedly while the tones of your voice are analyzed by the computer. Once their voices were analyzed, it was time to try out the Wave Table for part two of the vibrational therapy experience. 

Reality Center’s Wave Table is a vibrational water bed designed to create the most immersive high-vibe experience. The liquid in the bed consists of the same density as blood tissue so, when it vibrates, only the parts of your body which resonate to the frequencies will vibrate. That, combined with meditative soundscapes and different lighting patterns flashing before you creates an overwhelming yet powerful form of therapy. 

“Part of the programs are designed to make you feel like [you’re on] a rollercoaster,” says Tarun. “When you have that little challenge that you can overcome and when you break through, you realize you’re safe and you can go for this ride,” he adds. “That’s when the parasympathetic nervous system takes over and helps regulate everything, going into that optimal flow state and amplifying the intentions set earlier.” 

The Benefits of Vibrational Therapy 

According to Tarun, the biggest benefit to vibrational therapy is that it allows you to slip into deep relaxation, which can help reset the nervous system back into the parasympathetic state. He says it’s a lot like going into a deep meditation, only the vibrational therapy acts as a fast track and allows you to shortcut to those parts of your consciousness, which is helpful in our fast-paced day-to-day life

Vibrational therapy can also help you reach a flow state more easily. Flow state is a mental state where a person is immersed and focused. It’s believed to be an optimal state for human performance and is often used in manifestation to help you better align with and manifest your goals. 

The lights used during the Wave Table experience are also beneficial as they go at various different frequencies to create brain entertainment. According to research, brain entertainment can be used to induce an optimized state for sleeping and even learning. Add in the addition of sound and you also tune into the benefits of a sound bath, which can help alleviate pain, relieve stress, and even assist in DNA repair. 


About Reality Center

The mission of Reality Center is to provide technology that facilitates positive change for humanity. Our vision is for everyone in the world to have access to tools which improve their mental, physical and spiritual wellness

Our transformational products and services are all based on a theory called Sensory Resonance which Co- founder Don Estes published in 1990.  This states that for every outer sensory mechanism there is an inner one.  We use our inner senses when we are sleeping, dreaming, meditating, contemplating or performing other activities that attempt to integrate our bodies, minds and spirits.  This “expanded” state creates brain hemisphere synchronization and rapidly resets the nervous system. Our technologies synchronize light, sound and vibration to achieve this within minutes.   This results in both profound relaxation (parasympathetic nervous system response) and enhanced inspiration/creativity (sympathetic nervous system response).  


Curious to know how vibrational therapy can help you biohack your flow state? Check out the latest episode of Biohack-HERS.

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