The Surprising Ways Ancient Tantric Practices Strengthen Sensual Intimacy

Tantric sex is an ancient Indian practice that emphasized self-awareness, deep breathing, and slow, intimate connections. Today, Tantra methodologies are used to heal sexual blocks and transform erotic energy. On this episode of Biohack-HERS, HigherDOSE Founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps experience Tantra for the first time through a Tantric Embodiment practice that promotes a stronger reconnection to feminine sexual empowerment to change their state of being so that they can better tap into the body’s natural flow and feeling of pleasure. 

For this experience, Berlingeri and Kaps met with famed Tantric guru Lauren Harkness, who guided them through the intimate Tantric Embodiment practice, as one of the most primal biohacks out there: Self-pleasure. Harness’ mission is to support people’s wholeness through the inclusion of their sexuality and, although it can be uncomfortable for many, Harkness breaks down the wall of stigma and makes sexual pleasure a normal and comfortable experience for those she works with. 

Prior to their experience, Berlingeri and Kaps had their own expectations of Tantra and quickly discovered that the Tantra Embodiment practice exceeded all of their wildest judgments and fears. Perhaps the reason for that is because Tantra has deep primal roots and, therefore, feels natural and meditative. The practice dates all the way back to 500 AD and, while it’s not uncommon for women to feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed by the thought of doing the Tantra practices together (since it definitely feels taboo to touch yourself next to another person or in a room full of people), women have actually been doing these practices in groups for centuries. Today, Harkness says many women find that the overwhelm washes away and they feel closer and more connected in doing the practices together. 

Berlingeri and Kaps could relate to the feelings of overwhelm and discomfort but, as expected, that quickly disappeared as they tapped into their personal life force energies through a sensual breathwork and meditation practice, followed by an experience of self-stimulation, which Harkness calls “Peaking.” 

Ready to see what it is really like to tune into your sexuality through Tantra? Watch the latest episode of Biohack-HERS, out now. 

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