How the Vibrance BPC Treatment Ages Your Vagina Backward

As women get older, we spend a lot of time maintaining the youthful appearance of our complexion’s skin. But, did you know that our vaginal tissue also ages? Regardless of if you have had children or not, the skin inside and outside of our vaginas changes and takes our libido and orgasms (at least the really satisfying ones) with it. Where’s the night cream for that?

On this episode of Biohack-HERS, HigherDOSE Founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps head to Vibrance BPC in New York City to meet with Dr. Helen Hsieh to experience a sexual health treatment called ThermiVA, AKA radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation. The biohacking treatment claims to improve the look of the vagina inside and out, giving it a restored tightness that not only looks more youthful but is said to improve pleasure during sex, too. 

According to Dr. Hsieh, many women experience vaginal issues that are not properly solved by the traditional medical system. Add in the taboo topic of women’s sexual health and many of these issues — which include vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, difficulty having sex, and even pain during sex — go unsolved. But, with the ThermiVA radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation treatment, it’s possible to target and treat these concerns without going under the knife. And the results are shocking. 

The treatment itself involves a long thin wand-like device that features a heating pad at the tip. The heating pad is set to a sizzling 113 degrees Fahrenheit and is then inserted into the vagina for 20-minutes. In order to prevent discomfort from experiencing such a high temperature, the wand is in consistent motion as the heat targets the skin tissue to tighten and rejuvenate. After 20-minutes, the wand then targets the outside of the vagina, helping to create a tightened appearance. 

Research suggests that 70% of women have never experienced a sexual orgasm before. And, on top of that, women’s sexual health has been mostly overlooked by the medical world. Cutting-edge technologies like ThermiVA exist to change that, giving women a non-invasive option for total vaginal rejuvenation. With this treatment, women can experience vaginal healing — including improvement to concerns like urinary incontinence and dryness — and biohack their orgasms for improved sexual wellness and better sex. 

Follow Lauren and Katie’s vaginal rejuvenation experiences on the latest episode of Biohack-HERs, out now. 

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