7 Ways to Prevent Neck Wrinkles

Age need not show on your appearance. Find out how to prevent neck wrinkles with these top neck-loving tips.
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Try googling the words "how to look young (or younger)," and you may be bombarded with skincare tips, a lot of ads for facial care products, and wardrobe hacks. But you’ll hardly find any content specifically advising you on how to prevent neck wrinkles to appear more youthful. And suppose you manage to unearth any content about caring for your neck's dermal layers; they tend to be "by the way" instead of being the articles' focus. This is quite surprising considering that among all our body parts, our necks are the ones most vulnerable to skin aging. In fact, if you don't give your neck the attention it needs, you can end up looking older than your actual age. While we welcome the serenity and sagacity that come with maturity, nowhere does it say in the aging manual that you have to look the part. 

Easier said than done? Let's zero in on the delicate skin on your neck, that one area that can dramatically change the way you look—and feel—about yourself. In this post, we'd like to share a couple of tips, so you’ll know how to prevent neck wrinkles and give your neck the TLC it deserves.

Why give your neck extra TLC?

It's common knowledge that the skin on our face is thinner than on the rest of our bodies. But did you know that the skin on your neck is even finer and more delicate? This allows it more flexibility so you can move it about. The problem is that this very same elasticity can make your skin more stretchy and prone to wrinkles. 

Like your face and chest, your neck tends to have more sebaceous glands compared to the rest of your body. These oil-producing organs lubricate your skin and protect it from moisture loss and damage due to external factors. But over time, these glands produce less oil, making your already thin-skinned neck even dryer. Pretty soon, fine lines and wrinkles are bound to show up. 

So does this mean it all goes downhill after a certain point? Not necessarily! Although you can't reverse time, you definitely learn how to prevent neck wrinkles with the following hacks.

How to prevent neck wrinkles 

1. Stay sun-protected

Oh, the mighty sun…it has the power to give both life and death to everything it touches—including your skin cells. While sunlight can help your body produce vitamin D for stronger bones, unprotected and excessive exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays can make your skin discolored, dry, and leathery. Worse, It can lead to premature skin aging, even cancer. And nowhere is this damage more visible than on the skin on your neck.

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So, always apply sunscreen to protect your skin. Look for one with a broad spectrum that's waterproof and has at least a  sun protection factor or SPF of 30. If you're outdoors and are directly exposed to the sun, keep reapplying every two hours.

If you can, stay indoors between 10am to 4pm, when the ultraviolet rays are harshest.

Wear sun-protective clothing like long-sleeved shirts and slacks. However, don't forget to also protect your neck by putting on a wide-brimmed hat and carrying an umbrella. Any regular umbrella can shield you from more than ¾ of the harmful UV rays (black sunshades are even better!).

2. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

"Have a healthy lifestyle." You've probably seen this advice repeated countless times, and yet, it still may have gone unheeded. So let's give you yet another reason to follow it this time: a supple and youthful-looking neck. 

Start off by eating skin-loving food such as fatty fish with omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, avocados, unsalted and unsweetened walnuts, and colorful veggies like red and yellow bell peppers and tomatoes. One or several of these can keep your skin moisturized, fight free radicals and inflammation, make your skin less susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun, and trigger the production of new skin cells. Then, of course, drinking plenty of water keeps your skin well-hydrated and clear.

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Exercise regularly to get the blood flowing to deliver oxygen and essential nutrients your skin needs to repair itself and regenerate. Also, get enough quality sleep to allow your body to create collagen, the protein that keeps your skin firm and supple. 

Need we ask you to stay away from bad habits like smoking and alcohol? These not only wreak havoc on your health but also cause your skin to dry out,  become discolored, and turn pale. So unless you're going for Maleficent's look, it may be better to ditch the smoke and booze altogether.

3. Move your tech neck!

Tech neck, text neck, or phone neck? However you may call it, this condition is nothing new. However, it has become more serious today because of the extreme popularity of mobile phones and other gadgets for texting and video watching. As a result, our heads are always bent forward and looking down. Unfortunately, our necks are bearing the brunt of this irregular posture. This could lead to neck strain, headaches, stiffness in the shoulders, and pain in the upper back. In worse cases, this could damage the spine.  

There are also visual consequences on the fragile skin on our necks. Tech neck can cause vertical neck bands (bulging lines from the top of the neck to its base), wrinkles, and sagging skin, making you look way older than you should.

No need to despair, though, because tech neck can be undone if treated early. One effective way to address it is through neck exercises.

Start off with a simple strength training technique called the “Farmer’s Carry.” Carry some weight with your shoulders back. Ensure that there’s little to no pressure on your spine. Hold this posture for ten breaths.

Another easy exercise is “Yes Stretch,” or “Exaggerated Nod,” where you pull your head upwards and fix your eyes on the ceiling as far as you can. Then gently drop your chin towards your chest, trying to make the two touch without hurting yourself. Repeat 10 times.

Also consider taking regular tech breaks throughout your day to further improve how your neck feels and looks. This will make a significant difference in your overall health and appearance.

4. Incorporate stress-relieving activities into your life 

Stress is something that's part and parcel of everyday life. It can disrupt our normal functions and bring about poor health, including our skin’s. When we’re stressed, our cortisol levels increase, causing the overproduction of oil in the skin glands. This can lead to clogged pores, acne, and worsen other skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis. On the other extreme, excessive cortisol levels can dry the skin out, resulting in a flaky and dull complexion. Dark spots and wrinkles can appear on your neck, which can be signs of premature aging. 

Yet stress can also be a good thing, stimulating our work performance, enhancing motivation, and encouraging growth. The key is proper management through regular stress-relieving activities, such as mindful yoga and nature walks. 

Up your unwinding game by taking short but frequent and refreshing breaks from work (get creative!). Elevate it even further with some quality sauna time, such as indulging in HigherDOSE's Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna, which can effectively untangle overwrought nerves.

5. Include your neck in your regular skincare regimen

The neck is one of the most often overlooked body parts in a  skincare routine. You may have the most rigorous, painstakingly-detailed regimen, but if you neglect to take care of your neck, it's like cutting in line to reach the premature aging section ASAP. 

Give the delicate skin on your neck ample TLC, and it will pay you back a hundredfold via a more radiant and youthful appearance. So, where do you start? Do you need a specially formulated product like neck cream?

According to facial aesthetics doctor Maryam Zamani, although skin may be thinner on the neck than on the face, you need not complicate your skincare routine by adding neck-only products. For as long as your facial creams have ingredients that can hydrate, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and protect the skin from damage, you can also use them for the neck area. Look for beneficial components, such as hyaluronic acid to retain moisture and plump the skin and retinol to increase cell turnover. Alpha hydroxy acids that smoothen out fine lines and wrinkles and antioxidants that help skin self-repair can also boost anti-aging.

No matter how potent these ingredients are, remember that they’ll only work if you actually get them onto your skin. Use these diligently. 

6. Hyaluronic dermal neck fillers

Even in your teens, you may have noticed the presence of a few neck lines. And regardless of what you do, they don't seem to diminish even with a full anti-aging arsenal of serums and lotions. Neck fillers may provide a neck-worthy solution to your dilemma.

You've heard of lip and cheek fillers to make you look plumper and younger. But neck fillers? That's right…neck fillers are all the rage in smoothing fine lines and surface wrinkles on the neck. This treatment uses a hyaluronic acid filler specially made for the purpose. The solution is injected several times at different points in your neck. Then your neck is massaged to help your skin better absorb the hyaluronic acid. 

After ten days, you'll see fewer and less visible lines, and this is supposed to last anywhere from seven months to a year. While neck fillers can be a better alternative to botox, you'll need to spend a few weeks for pre-and post-treatment precautions as well as $500 to $1,000 per treatment. Check with your dermatologist for more information and to ensure your safety. But what if going under the needle isn't appealing to you? Are there other equally potent but gentler ways of how to prevent neck wrinkles?


7. Light therapy

Looking for a powerfully effective yet natural and non-invasive way to improve the delicate skin on your neck? Then go for a light-bulb moment—literally! 

Light therapy is a skin treatment that taps the healing properties of infrared and near-infrared light to repair and regenerate the skin, muscles, and tissues. It uses safe, low-frequency light with long wavelengths that penetrate deep beneath the epidermal layers, stimulating skin cells called fibroblasts

Studies show that exposure to infrared light triggers fibroblasts to boost collagen and elastin production. The result is a smoother skin texture and a reduction in fine lines and creases, making light therapy a highly effective way of preventing neck wrinkles and beat premature aging

woman looking in the mirror wearing red light beauty mask

Stay "light years away" from wrinkly and sagging skin (including your neck's!) with high-quality infrared and near-infrared therapy devices, like HigherDOSE's. HigherDOSE devices harness the healing power of nature via advanced wellness technologies reimagined to fit your busy lifestyle. For instance, our Red Light Face Mask can deliver light-emitting diodes to any body part that needs rejuvenation and repair, making it an effortless addition to your skincare routine. Or you can check out our Infrared Sauna Blanket that helps increase your body's thermal energy, enhancing relaxation and promoting glowing skin. Discover the complete HigherDOSE infrared line and see the difference that light can make on your skin today.

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