How Celebrity Skin Expert Thuyen Nguyen Slaps Skin Into Shape With Facial

Have you ever wondered if smoothing and plumping the skin is possible without injectables? As it turns out, we have been effectively targeting signs of aging without invasive needles for centuries. Facial massage is over 3,000 years old and might even be the oldest skincare hack in the book. In ancient China, it was used as a tool for achieving more radiant skin and vitality, and Cleopatra was also allegedly a big fan of the practice. Today, celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian make facial massage a regular part of their skincare routine to boost collagen production, ignite elasticity, and draw out their inner glow.

On this week’s episode of Biohack-HERS, HigherDOSE founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps meet with celebrity facialist Thuyen Nguyen to discover how facial massage is the ultimate — and most accessible — biohack for anti-aging skincare. For this Biohack-HERS experience, Berlingeri and Kaps try Nguyen’s signature facial massage method called FaceXercise, which is a technique that incorporates thousands of quick movements such as rolling, bouncing, and even slapping the skin to lift and tone the complexion, as well as promote lymphatic drainage — which is vital for de-puffing and awakening the complexion. 

Nguyen’s philosophy is, the more rigorous you are with facial massage (and this experience was rigorous), the stronger your skin will become. Similar to using exercise to strengthen and tone the muscles of the body, facial massage is like a workout for your face, except with instant results. The best thing about facial massage as a biohacking skincare tool is that it is easy (and free) to try out for yourself. While experts like Nguyen act as “trainers” for your complexion and can help target specific concerns with impressive precision, at-home exercise techniques are abundant on YouTube and social media platforms, making it easier than ever to try this ancient technique. 

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