6 Ways on How to Detox the Body and Balance Hormones

Discover all there is to know about detoxification and the role of hormones, and learn these gems of advice on how to detox the body and balance hormones
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Whether trying to get rid of that stubborn zit on your face or finding a way to achieve world peace, there's one thing that is common to all of us, and that’s stress. Every day, we face all kinds of stressors that wreak havoc on our bodies and cause our hormones to go haywire. If we allow our bodies to be regularly battered by these stressors, the results can get pretty serious. You could end up with sleeping problems, skin aging, and all kinds of aches and pains. And these are just a few—there’s actually a whole lot more. There's a way out, though—through a body detox.

Detoxifying the Body 

Your body is a fantastic machine. Like a solid military base with excellent tactics, it has a natural, efficient detox system that protects it from all sorts of bacteria and viruses. But even the strongest fort can be at risk, both from within and without. Once your immune system is breached, toxins can get in, start accumulating,  and become formidable foes.

These enemies of the peace (that is, your physical and mental wellbeing) come from the pollution in your environment, such as cigarette smoke and car fumes and ultraviolet radiation from sun exposure. Even some of your favorite foods and beverages can be sources of toxic chemicals. And then there's stress, which triggers overreacting defense mechanisms in your body, making the situation worse. So where does detoxification fit in all this, then?

Decoding Detoxification 

Detoxification means the cleansing of your body to eliminate the buildup of toxins. Because these tricky assailants can attack your body from all fronts (both from inside jobs and outside elements), you'll need cleansing that's holistic—an all-embracing approach using several ways on how to detox the body and balance hormones. With not just one but an entire battalion of fighters, you have a better chance at winning the war against these chemicals.

The rewards of detoxification are just fabulous. With a detoxed body and tuned-up hormone levels, you'll have fewer aches and pains and nausea while having more energy and mental clarity. Your immune system is boosted, and your body can better absorb nutrients. Your nurtured and healthier insides will also make your skin glow up, making it clear and radiant. And it's not just your skin that can be on swag mode—so can your hormones.

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The Role that Hormones Play

Hormones are your body's trusty chemical messengers. They work hard to manage and coordinate your different processes like growth, metabolism, and reproductive functions. They can also affect your immune system and have the ability to either make you jump for joy or break down and cry. They are so powerful that too little or too much of any hormone can make you really sick, not to mention how awful this can make you feel and look. When toxins are present in your system, they can cause hormonal imbalances. So, knowing how to detox the body and balance hormones is absolutely essential to protect your health and wellbeing.

Ways to Detox the Body and Balance Hormones

Building Up by Breaking Away 

When your body's natural defenses are strengthened, it can do a better job of handling toxins and balancing your hormones. But every day, our unhealthy habits break up rather than build up our immune system. 

Eating "bad food" is one such habit. All the chemicals from the additives, food coloring, MSG (monosodium glutamate), artificial sweeteners, and so much more in your canned and processed foods and beverages can all add up to one toxic heap, which can get your hormones in a rampage. 

Another poor habit is living on your couch. The lack of exercise (or maybe the absence of it) can make you miss out on the toxin-flushing benefits from enhanced breathing, improved blood flow, and increased sweat. 

Defend your immune system by cutting back on canned and processed food and replacing them with detoxifying fruits and veggies, like avocado, berries, red cabbage, kale, and spinach. These pack a powerful antioxidant punch that helps protect against the damaging effects of toxins. And if you can, eat organic, so you can avoid the hormones from artificially produced edibles.

Of course, a good defense should come with a good offense. So get into a consistent exercise habit, get your blood going, and start releasing those toxins with your sweat!

Boosting Digestion to Detox

A healthy gut can be one of your most excellent defenses against toxins. When your digestive processes are in optimum working condition, your body can better break down your food into nutrients. When these nutrients are efficiently delivered to your muscles and tissues, your cells can self-repair to reverse the toxin-induced damage, so they can go back to business-as-usual mode. 

Fortify your digestive processes by taking probiotics, which bring good bacteria to your gut and help keep digestive juices flowing. Eating fiber-rich foods that can ease your toilet issues can also help flush out toxins together with cholesterol. You can also go low on fried, fatty food (which can either cause constipation or diarrhea!), choose only lean meats (which are easier to digest because they're high in protein), and drink lots of water.

Loving Your Liver 

In the ranking of detox weapons, your liver is your five-star general. It acts like a filter that keeps excess hormones that you don't need from getting absorbed into your system. But when armies of toxins keep on bombarding it, even your powerful liver can only do so much. Unable to do its job properly, it can’t flush out the unwanted toxins, which will keep recirculating in your body. This results in hormonal imbalances.

Stay away from plastics. Your food and drink takeouts may come in plastic packaging with harmful chemicals, which can imitate your own hormones and add to the imbalance. When you add heat to these chemicals, like when you throw the packaging into a microwave, the adverse effects increase.

The culprit isn’t just your food packaging. Look about your home, and you’re likely to find a ton of chemicals hidden in the regular items you use, from your household cleaners to your beauty products. Defend your liver from more toxic exposure by using glass and stainless steel packaging. And don't forget to check the labels on your products!

Kidney Kindness 

Although the liver is its more famous cousin, your kidneys also play an essential role in detoxifying your body. They essentially work by filtering out the toxins from the blood and eliminating them whenever you go to the bathroom.

Strengthen your kidneys by giving them a little TLC. Start off by quitting the pill-popping habit. Don't overwork your kidneys by consuming over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines and painkillers like they were jelly beans (ditch those too!). Instead, drink lots of kidney-cleansing water and indulge in kidney-loving foods such as apples, blueberries, fish, and dark leafy greens.

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The Significance of Supplements 

Adding supplements to your diet, such as vitamins and magnesium, is another way to fight toxins. Vitamins can pair up with probiotics and other supplements to help cells heal better and faster. They also have antioxidant powers, which can further destroy the free radicals, those unstable molecules from toxins that disrupt hormone levels and cause diseases and aging. 

Magnesium can be your liver's best bud in slowing damage caused by toxins. It is also essential to hormone production and to the elimination of excess hormones, helping ensure that proper levels are kept by the body.

Therapeutic Treats 

If being stressed can create chemical reactions that worsen the damaging effects of toxins and cause hormonal imbalances, then de-stressing can do just the opposite. 

So the next time you're soaking in a warm lavender bath, you can honestly tell your friends and coworkers that you're actually getting some repair work done on your cells, kidneys, liver, and whatnot. 

Practicing yoga with breathwork can also calm you and keep you centered. Just focusing on your breathing can relax your frayed nerves while decluttering your mind at the same time.

Getting a massage is another great way to destress. It can also boost your blood circulation for the efficient delivery of nutrients to your cells.  A lymphatic massage, like the one offered by HigherDOSE, can effectively flush out toxins and keep your hormones from being blocked.

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Finally, there's infrared sauna detox therapy. Infrared saunas are not like your average sauna. It makes use of infrared light that penetrates deep beneath the skin down to the cells for effective self-healing and regeneration, strengthening the body’s ability to fight toxins. The infrared light also delivers heat that induces sweat and results in the release of even more toxins.Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Looking for the best infrared sauna for your detox goals? HigherDOSE offers a Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna that’s several notches above all infrared saunas. The heat it emits releases heat shock proteins,  promoting vitality and longevity. What’s more, it doesn’t just have near- and mid-infrared waves that can increase blood flow and the immune system. It also has far infrared waves that can release deep metals for complete detoxification. Give your detox a boost by checking out HigherDOSE today!