Supercharge your self-healing with the HigherDOSE High Life Retreat, an unforgettable five-day experience set in the transformative oasis of 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay. Welcome true internal and external harmony with individualized guidance from the HigherDOSE founders and an incredible team of expert biohackers, holistic healers, and integrative practitioners.
Welcome to your biohacking kickstart.

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Biohack your best body and mind

Where: 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay, Hawaii
When: 3/18-3/22 (4 nights, 5 days)
Cost: See booking page

Who is this for?
  • Anyone ready to optimize their lifestyle for longevity
  • Those struggling with a healing journey impacting metabolism, energy, brain fog, hormones, diet and sleep
  • Health enthusiasts seeking community and accountability Biohack-hers series fans: Experience the thrill firsthand!

A DOSE of what’s in store…

  • Personalized session with a quantum nutritionist valued at $650
  • Personalized session with hormonal specialist valued at $360
  • Lymphatic body massage and facial sculpting service valued at $550
  • 1x hyperbaric chamber session
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Infrared Therapy
  • PEMF Therapy
  • Daily biohacking activities
  • Daily farm to table breakfast buffet
  • Daily farm to table team dinner
  • 1x $225 lunch credit
  • Transportation to and from airport
  • Luxury Accommodations with beachfront access
  • Access to amenities including gym, spa, meeting spaces
  • Take home wellness tools and technology valued at $2k
Plus more surprise and delights…
Airfare not included

get High Naturally
in nature

LOCATION: 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay

At its core, 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay reimagines and redefines the meaning of transformative wellness. Down to the locally sourced puka lava stone accents and native plants that whisper stories of ancient healing, every detail of our sustainable sanctuary invites you to strengthen your synergy with the very elements that sustain and nurture life. Intentionally amplifying the island’s intrinsic solace, the pioneering wellness modalities of 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay offer opportunities to unveil a new realm of well-being. With tranquil treatments at Bamford Wellness Spa, enhanced cellular renewal at Vitahealth, personalized fitness programming at Anatomy, and endless opportunities for natural nourishment across our dining venues—1 Hotel Hanalei Bay is a haven for nature-centered, holistic healing.

HigherDOSE: Biohack with Best in Class Experts

HigherDOSE has been helping the masses ‘hack’ happy chemicals, detox, rest and ‘glow up’ since 2015. With a multi-modality approach, integrating ancient ritual with future wellness technology, the lifestyle brand’s best in class products and expert personalities have created a cult-like community of A-list and athlete ‘DOSERS’ passionate about personal wellbeing. The brand’s mission is deeply rooted in advocating bioindividual healing, empowering everyone to have tools and education to sustain their unique health journeys. The Digiday award-winning content series, Biohack-hers, spotlighted biohacking experts championing innovations and practices that transform the mind and body. The High Life retreat bring the ‘Biohack-hers’ experience to life for attendees, while providing tools, education and community for takeaway.

Teri Cochrane, Quantum Nutrition
Teri Cochrane is a pioneer in epigenetics and precision wellness. Decoder of the human body. Entrepreneur, speaker, and advisor. Through decades of clinical work and unprecedented client results, Teri developed a novel approach to integrative health that focuses on the ever-shifting needs of the individual. The Cochrane Method®, examines the intersection of epigenetics, biochemistry, quantum physics and nutrition to untangle even the most complex health conditions. She serves A-list Hollywood actors, world’s leading rock bands and their lead singers and professional athletes. She also serves those seeking hope in the face of health tribulations, providing expertise in a number of areas, including autoimmunity, fertility, and mystery conditions. Her motto: whatever your condition, we will figure you out - simply and elegantly. She is a trusted advisor to top scientists, futurists and visionaries committed to solving issues related to human and planetary health.
A pioneer of high-frequency and intentional living, Teri is the author of the Amazon best-selling new release book, The Wildatarian Diet: Living As Nature Intended.

Teri Cochrane

Founder of Beyond Nutrition, Wildatarian Diet

Cynthia Thurlow, PD Explore holistic health with Cynthia Thurlow, a seasoned Nurse Practitioner, and an expert in intermittent fasting and nutrition. As a 2x TEDx speaker and author of the best-selling book, "Intermittent Fasting Transformation: IF:45", Cynthia offers a wealth of knowledge in health and wellness. Her specialty intermittent fasting programs have empowered countless women to take the reins in their wellness journey and propel them toward optimal health. Cynthia's core mission is to help women understand and achieve optimal wellness. Through the Everyday Wellness podcast, she provides accessible, engaging content on the benefits of intermittent fasting and holistic health. Her approach combines practical strategies with insightful education, making her podcast a valuable resource for those seeking a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Cynthia Thurlow, PD

Hormonal Health and Metabolism Specialist.

For over a decade, Anthony has dedicated himself to developing and instructing mindfulness programs for hundreds of schools and colleges to address youth mental health. After organizing and facilitating the largest-ever mindfulness in schools research initiative in Canada, Anthony established Nature of Mindfulness. This online platform offers yoga, meditation, and breathwork, reaching schools, hospitals, large corporations, and individuals worldwide. His expertise extends to working with healthcare professionals, non-profit organizations, and prominent health and wellness brands. Anthony also serves as an ambassador for wellness brands and non profits, including HigherDOSE, lululemon, and Inspiring Children.

Anthony Berlingeri

Founder, Nature of Mindfulness

Carmindy has been a professional makeup artist for over 30 years and is a top beauty and lifestyle expert, influencer and entrepreneur.Most people know Carmindy from TLC’s decade long hit show What Not To Wear as millions of viewers all over the world counted on Carmindy to teach them about the latest makeup tips and tricks but what really inspired her viewers was her confidence-boosting attitude towards all women.
Carmindy taught them how to see their unique beauty and stop any negative commentary going on in their heads. She showed that all women, of all ages, possessing all types of features had the right to love and celebrate themselves.
That positive attitude inspired her to create Carmindy Beauty, a streamlined collection of beautiful color cosmetics and fragrance for all women regardless of age or skin tone sold exclusively on Amazon and

Carmindy Bowyer

TV Personality, Mindset Speaker, Founder of Carmindy Beauty