Honoring Every day Heroines

Nominate a woman who transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, showcasing strength, resilience, and grace every day


This International Women's Day

Let's shine a light on the women who lead, inspire, and persevere in the fabric of daily life.

From trailblazers to voices of kindness, nominate an extraordinary woman for the Superlative Sweeps and celebrate her impact.

Empowering Everyday Heroism

Nominate the extraordinary women in your life who embody the spirit of change, resilience, and empowerment in one of our five award categories.

The Everyday Trailblazer

Celebrating those who innovate and lead in daily life, making a significant impact through small acts of bravery and leadership.

The Resilience Award

Honoring the strength and perseverance shown in facing daily challenges, embodying the spirit of resilience.

The Heartfelt Leader

For the women whose leadership is felt through kindness, support, and encouragement, uplifting those around them.

The Good Karma Queen

For someone who gives selflessly for causes they're passionate about. From sustainability to children or marginalized communities, this person continues to champion the underdog and help society become a better place for all.

The Voice of Kindness

Celebrating the courageous who use their voice for positivity, advocacy, and change, proving that kindness is a form of strength.

Empowered Women, Empower Women


Winners will receive the ultimate self-care package (valued at $2000+), curated by women-owned brands dedicated to nurturing, inspiring, and empowering.

Together We Thrive

The Ultimate Self-Care Package, thoughtfully composed with contributions from our esteemed partners who share our mission to uplift and inspire every woman.