I love going to Higher Dose because not only am I getting a great sweat in and toxins out but the environment is chic and comfortable. -Hannah Bronfman, Founder of Beautified
When I need to sweat but it's a (mandatory) rest day, I go to HigherDOSE! - Taryn Toomey, Founder of The Class by Taryn Toomey
HigherDOSE makes me feel lighter & brighter, more focused & energized, and inspires a sense of creativity. - Whitney Tingle, Founder of Sakara 
HigherDOSE is the best infrared spot in NYC, and probably in the world. It is the first place I go to when I get off a long flight. - Jordan Barrett, Male Model of the Year
I love coming to you guys before a big shoot or after a long flight. Makes me feel refreshed and I know I sweated out all the bad stuff! -Sadie Newman, Actress/Model
HigherDOSE never fails to make me feel amazing. After a long day, all I want to do is sweat it out. I owe it to the girls over there for always coming through to make me better. - Laurie Cole, SoulCycle Founding Instructor