The Hot Seat

Join Co-Founders Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps as they strip down to get unfiltered with celebrities, CEOs, biohackers, and influential personalities who have a wellness journey to share.

But there’s a twist: every interview takes place in HigherDOSE's infrared sauna at a scorching 158 degrees. The heat is on, but so is the conversation, as our guests open up about their struggles, successes and everything in between.


Stacy London on Her Journey From Media Mogul to Spokesperson for Menopause Wellness


Diva Dhawan on Mental Health, The Modeling Industry and Sustainable Fashion


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Hot Seat: Cece Olisa On Body Inclusivity, Plus Size Fitness and Creating Community


Hot Seat: Maren Altman On Going Viral, Cancel Culture and Astrology Forecasting


Hot Seat: Jay Godfrey Talks Ketamine Therapy and Psychedelic Healing


Hot Seat: Gigi Robinson on living with a chronic illness and becoming your own healer


Hot Seat: Carmindy Bowyer Talks Skin Confidence, Ageism and Open Relationships