Tantric Breathing with Lauren Harkness

This month, Lauren Harkness, a Tantric coach and co-founder of the Tantra Institute, is turning up the heat and sharing sensual Tantric practices — and the first one is all about tuning into the frequency of sensuality using Tantric breathwork techniques and the HigherDOSE PEMF Mat. 

What Is Tantric Breathwork? 

In this guided breathwork practice, Harkness guides you through a tantric breathwork experience that awakens sexuality and inspires a deeper sense of calm while you ground down on the PEMF Mat. Tantric breathwork is a practice in which audible exhales are used to activate the vagus nerve. This nerve is one of four nerve pathways where sensual energy moves in the body. And, while the audible exhales work to calm the nervous system and awaken sensuality, the vibration of your vocal cords as you breathe opens the body up to feel more. 

For this practice, Harkness invites you to sit or lay down on your PEMF Mat with the heat turned up to the middle range and the negative ion turned on to level 4. She recommends turning the mat on about 20 minutes before you begin the breathwork practice to allow it to fully heat up before dropping into your breath. Similar to the breathwork practice, the PEMF technology can further help reset the nervous system, taking you away from feelings of fight or flight and closer to your rest and digest state. For this practice, Harkness guides you to work with your Kundalini Channel and explains how sensual breathwork can activate the pelvic floor to support the generation of life force energy through the breathwork practice. 

What Is Tantra? 

Tantric sex is an ancient Indian practice that dates all the way back to 500 AD and emphasizes self-awareness, deep breathing, and slow intimate connections. Today, many Tantric methodologies are used to heal sexual blocks and transform erotic energy. Tantra has deep, primal roots and, therefore, can feel very natural and meditative, making this breathwork practice a great way to unwind and reconnect with yourself and your sexuality.

Ready to awaken your sensuality and deepen your intimate connection? Break out your PEMF Mat and follow along as Harkness walks you through this sensual breathwork practice.

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