Mindful Morning Ritual with Jaycee Gossett

Make It a Ritual With The Class’ Jaycee Gossett 

Jaycee Gossett is the VP of teacher training and a founding teacher at The Class. In her classes, Gossett invites her students to discover strengths, explore freedom, and reconnect to the truth — and she uses her love of music and dance to get everyone moving and flowing to the fullest expression of themselves. 

We sat down with Gossett to discover how she makes HigherDOSE a part of her well-being ritual. Find out what she had to say, ahead.

What does your morning ritual look like? 

Gossett begins her morning ritual by nourishing her body through hydration. “As soon as I wake up in the morning, the first thing I drink is water with lemon and apple cider vinegar,” Gossett shares. In addition to a rejuvenating glass of water, Gossett is a big fan of matcha tea in the morning. She opts for a blend that includes matcha tea powder along with spirulina, turmeric, and ginger and tops it off with a splash of coconut milk or oat milk. 

Once she replenishes her body, she is ready to head outside for a morning walk in New York City with her dog, Chili. 

What kinds of mindfulness techniques do you practice for holistic well-being? 

“Taking my dog for a walk to the park is such a great way for me to orient myself with the day, rather than starting on my computer,” says Gossett, adding that it’s nice to breathe in some of the fresh air and spend some time at the park, gazing at the river and meeting other dogs. As part of her morning walk ritual, Gossett spends a few moments connecting with her pup by feeling Chili’s soft, plush fur as the two of them gaze out at the river together. “We close our eyes, and take a few breaths with intention,” Gossett adds. 

Routine is very much part of Gossett’s well-being ritual and, as her morning ritual comes to an end, it’s time for her to get some movement in on her PEMF mat. “I go through some simple stretches, cat cows, down dogs, opening up the legs, and getting the blood flowing,” she shares. “Then, I put my earbuds in and listen to music as I start to plan out my class, just feeling the flow of the music and moves that my body wants to do,” she adds, noting how she takes this time to notice any overall themes that she feels coming through for the day. 

“One of the things that I love about the PEMF Mat is that it helps enhance the body’s natural process of recovery,” Gossett says. “It helps reduce inflammation and chronic pain, [helps you] recover from injuries faster, and there’s just a natural energy boost that you get from using the mat that feels good to your cells,” she adds, noting how the benefits of the infrared feature and inclusion of crystals add to the overall feel-good experience. 

How does HigherDOSE fit into your lifestyle? 

“HigherDOSE has become one of my staples in how I take care of my well-being — not just physically, but mentally,” Gossett shares. One of the biggest reasons why the HigherDOSE tools have become so helpful in her routine is because of the amount of output that she does — be it spending time on a Zoom meeting or moving her body — and how the Sauna Blanket and PEMF Mat help with her “overall mental health and physical well-being.” 

When it comes to the hours spent on a computer and on video calls, Gossett says she’s grateful they exist but it can be a bit overwhelming. “I feel like I need to have something that helps me detox all of that from my body, which HigherDOSE has been a big part of,” she notes. 

What gets you high? 

“I feel the most alive when I’m moving and sweating and also listening to music,” says Gossett. “Sweating helps let go of some of the toxins but also just a lot of the energy that I absorb throughout the day and it helps me remember what it feels like to be alive, which is a feeling that we have to work really hard to generate because there’s more sitting, there’s more on the computer, there’s more emails, there’s more of those things that are necessary but not necessarily where I feel the most alive.”

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