PEMF Deep Rest Meditation With Jesse Israel

With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we can all use a deep rest and reset from time to time. Doing so not only allows us to have a second to ourselves to breathe and recuperate, but it also allows us to release the grip of fight or flight and return to the Parasympathetic Nervous System, or rest and digest. Adding a DOSE of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy to our daily grind, plus the benefits of meditation can help us achieve higher levels of relaxation while igniting vitality so we can tackle our to-do lists without compromising our health. 

We sat down with Jesse Israel, a social entrepreneur, meditation leader, and founder of The Big Quiet, to learn more about how PEMF therapy and meditation make the perfect combination for head-to-toe rejuvenation. Find out what he had to say, ahead, plus experience a guided meditation for deep rest on the Infrared PEMF Mat.

PEMF Therapy and Meditation

PEMF Therapy is a technology inspired by nature and the Earth’s magnetic field to give your body what it needs in order for it to properly heal. It’s used in a variety of ways and is beneficial for muscle recovery, improving quality of sleep, and re-energizing the body. But, it can also be used to biohack your meditation practice. 

Because PEMF is rooted in Earth-inspired technology that mimics the electromagnetic frequency of our planet, it can offer similar benefits of spending time outdoors with the planet’s most healing elements. “Just like spending time in nature and touching the Earth’s surface for an extended period of time and how naturally healing it can be to the body, the PEMF technology moves through the body and replenishes those damaged and injured cells so it starts to kick a healing process into gear that moves quicker than we would naturally heal without that technology [and] meditation does the same thing,” says Israel. “Through releasing stress and fatigue, meditation allows the body to rapidly start to heal and rebuild, and to repair itself,” he adds, noting that using PEMF and meditation together creates a “double whammy” effect in terms of benefits since both entities have similar effects on the body at a cellular level. 

When we combine PEMF with meditation “we get compounded exponential benefits around the experience of meditation,” says Israel. “I know I am going to get a lot out of my meditation. I know I am going to get even more out of my meditation if I sit on a PEMF mat when I do it.”  

Deep Rest Meditation With Jesse Israel 

Slip into deep rest and relaxation and experience the benefits of combining PEMF therapy and meditation with Jesse Israel’s guided meditation for deep rest. Tap play on the above video, or click here.

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