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Get High Naturally With HigherDOSE

Get High Naturally


Supercharge your self-care and boost holistic recovery with wellness tools designed to ignite vitality from the inside out.

We cultivated the hottest at-home wellness tools using nature-inspired technologies to get you high off your own supply. Our Infrared, PEMF, and Red Light devices elevate your health and beauty rituals, while our collection of body products boost the benefits. Welcome to The High Life.

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When in doubt, sweat it out. Much of the wellness world focuses on what you put into your body. We’re just as concerned with how you get the bad stuff out. Our Sauna Blanket offers a full-body detox, increasing your core temperature, boosting circulation, and eliminating any toxins or impurities.

One sweat session can burn up to 600 calories, letting you soak up the benefits of an intense workout – simply by lying down. Sometimes the best way to care for your body is simply turning up the heat and letting your system do its thing.

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Get your glow on. We believe that technologies like Red Light and Infrared are the future of skincare. While topical products can satisfy short-term skin goals, HigherDOSE devices go deeper — rejuvenating your skin on a cellular level and igniting an unmatched natural glow.

Just one session in our Infrared Sauna Blanket leaves your skin softer, dewier, and more radiant than ever – with anti-aging and anti-acne benefits that continue to shine through over time. Our Red Light Face Mask directly doses your skin cells with the energy they need to function at the highest level, while regenerating your skin to its most youthful state.

Train hard, recover even harder. Before we introduced Infrared technology to the masses (via the #1 selling Sauna Blanket and our first-of-a-kind NYC infrared spas), this powerful recovery tool was primarily used by extreme athletes and Olympians in state-of-the-art training facilities.

Now, you can recover like a pro from the comfort of your own home. Pre- and post-workout Infrared or PEMF sessions help athletes take their performance to the next level – by nourishing your body, not pushing it. Injured? Burn extra calories and retain cardiovascular fitness while recovering from strains and pains that inhibit intense workouts.

Ignite your best body and mind, simply by lying down. Believe it or not, the fitness & beauty benefits of our HigherDOSE devices go hand in hand with a deeply relaxing, euphoric experience. Both Infrared and PEMF technologies trigger a healthy DOSE of your brain’s feel-good chemicals (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins), which is what we call ‘getting high, naturally.’

This release of powerful neurochemicals works to promote deep relaxation, restorative sleep, and a boosted mood that sticks around. Infrared heat activates your parasympathetic nervous system, putting your body into a healing ‘rest and digest’ state. You’ll experience euphoria in the moment, transformative sleep that night, and serious health benefits in the long-run.

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